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Oct 22, 2007 02:14 PM

Dusty's on Sunset - How is their Dinner???

I went to Dusty's Bistro on Sunset and Descanco this weekend for a late brunch and was delighted by it. It is actually just down the street from my house and I have lived there for several months and had never gone to Dusty's until now. The atmosphere was great and I really enjoyed the food and the service was excellent.

I want to make this my weeknight glass of wine/dinner with friend hangout. How is it in the evening? Good food? Atmosphere? Crowd? Any advice or opinions???

Love to hear what you think!!!

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  1. I've had a very good dinner and a disappointing one there, 2 cold entrees and indifferent service. It was a busy weekend nite, probably better during the week.

    1. I've only had lunch there, but have always found the food quite good. The service can be spotty. But I have been told that the owner is very interested in keeping customers happy, so if you have a bad experience at night I'd certainly ask to speak with her. I get the impression she really wants to be a "go to" place for the neighborhood.

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        Did you go for dinner? I did tell the service staff, they were indifferent, and bothered by it...

      2. I love Dusty's. It's down the street from me too and I think it's a lovely little place for dinner. My boyfriend lives in London and whenever he comes to town he insists we go there. I tend to get the salmon and it's always delicious and my bf is partial to their chops and heavier meat dishes and always loves it. Go hungry! The atmosphere is very dark and romantic but it would also be a nice place to go with a friend. Their brunch is amazing, as you know, but their dinners are special too.

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          Assuming you're talking dusty's in Silverlake (I don't know my cross-streets). If so, we go here a lot (or when I'm not dieting) -- we like it for all the meals and love that there's a bar. Dinner is very good -- me & hubby like to each get a big bowl of soup and split their chix breast dish (wh is huge) -- comes with polenta & spinach w a decadent creamy gogonzola sauce. That with a few drinks -- fun night! We also go to Stella's but it's not as comfortable and they sort of rush you out there. Dusty's is very comfortable and you gotta love that they have a bar -- oh, and the bread is divine!

        2. Do yourself a favor and book Cafe Stella instead. Dusty's is nowhere near as good as Cafe Stella. The food and the atmosphere are much is the service. well, actually, the service is pretty shit at both restaurants.

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            Dusty's is good -- okay, not great, but it's good. IMO Stella's is an over-priced bistro and while I love the hamburgers (wh you can only eat in the bar wh is ridiculous), their main menu is pretty expensive for what it is. It's at least $100 for two people, we usually end up spending more -- and if we're gonna be spending that, rather go to Blairs or vermont. And like I said, don't think it's ideal for a nice long, leisurely dinner. I know there's a lot of Dusty detractors on the board -- in fact, it kept me from trying the place for months -- but it's a good neighborhood hang.

            And btw, SL is not known for it's great servers -- I think it's cause most are struggling musicians rather than struggling actors... for some reason, actors make better servers.

          2. We went late one night, sat at the bar, had a glass of wine and split the Kobe burger. The food was fine but we really liked the place so decided to go for dinner. Well...

            The booth we sat in had dead springs so it was uncomfortable from the outset always sinking too low for the table.

            We ordered oysters and wine and asked for bread. We had to ask three times for the Oysters and wine. The wine came a full twenty minutes later, the bread was forgotten twice until a busboy finally brought us some. The oysters we asked again for and watched the open kitchen as the waitress sifted through tickets and asked everyone around. After forty five minutes we received warm milky inedible oysters which we sent back. Our family style ordering included a tough NY steak cooked med well although we asked for med rare, the gnocchi was about 15 dumplings in soup, and the pork was salty.
            About two hours after our arrival we left very dissapointed. BTW, we arrived at 7 with a reservation and the restaurant was empty on a Friday.