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Oct 22, 2007 02:11 PM

Spice rub question

I made a rub for chicken/pork about a month ago. I made a large batch figuring I'd keep it in the cabinet for another use. When I used it the other night, the chicken was soooo super salty. What happened? Does it get saltier over time? (It was coarse salt in it). It was perfect the original time. Is there anything I can do to the rest of it or do I have to dump it?

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  1. I think its that pre-ground spices often lose their flavor when exposed to air or when they get too old. It's probably just the age of your spices that made their flavors weaker, resulting you in tasting more of the salt rather than the spices.

    1. Digky has a good idea. Aother mght be that It was shifted around in your cupboard and settled . Try giving it a smell can u smell the spices? If it smells good give it a shake and redistribute everything

      1. Next time, leave out the salt. You can add salt when you actually use the rub, but you can't take it out.

        1. Did you shake/stir it before you used it a second time? Stuff settles, and the salt may have 'risen' to the top.