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Oct 22, 2007 02:02 PM

Sushi in Denver?

I'm going to be in the Denver area (staying near Tech Center) this week and am looking for a good sushi place nearby. Any ideas?

Or any good restaurants in general? Non-chain, please.


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  1. My favorites are Sushi Den and Hapa but they are not in the Tech Center. There are numerous recommendations here if you search for Denver sushi.

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    1. re: RobynS

      Can you tell me where those two places are? I don't know the area at all.

      1. re: Clare K

        Hapa is in Cherry Creek and Sushi Den is on Pearl Street in Denver.

        1. re: RobynS

          Sushi Sasa is by far the best sushi in Colorado if not further. No other place in town comes close. But it is downtown and your in DTC so your kind of out of luck.

          1. re: eatdtown

            Neither of the places metioned are at all close to DTC. I have found Hapa to focus more on the scene then the fish.

            Sushi Wave is on Arapahoe near DTC- just on the East side of I-25. Also, Bara Sushi is in the DTC but I noticed there web site is no longer functioning so might want to make sure they are still open.

            1. re: ColoradoFun

              Here is a recent thread on restaurants in DTC:

              I would add that Montecitos closed down to be born again as Mel's which was/is considered one of the better restaurants in Denver and a place where many local chefs got their start. There is also a couple of very good but expensive steak places and a branch of the small Itlalian chain Il Fornio which I think is very good.

    2. Denver Tech Area Sushi (all within 5 - 7 minutes - most in Park Meadows Mall area just south of Primary Denver Tech Center)---

      My vote for best in area ---
      Thai Basil -- My favorite area spot for sushi and supurb asian cuisine!!! Great atmosphere, super lunch bento boxes and creative menu all day!
      Thai Basil
      8345 Park Meadows Dr
      Lone Tree, CO 80124
      Phone: (303) 799-8788

      Yuki Sushi Robata - small and unassuming spot. Wonderful sushi with out a lot of pomp and
      circumstance. Yuki Sushi Robata at 9447 Park Meadows Dr, a Japanese and Sushi restaurant in Lone Tree 80124. (Denver Tech - Park Meadows location)

      Across the street from Yuki Sushi is John Holly's Bistro serving a fusion style menu with a nice sushi bar. John Holly's has a bit more elegant ambiance than Sushi Robata and serves a more extensive menu. --
      John Holly's Asian Bistro
      9232 Park Meadows Dr
      Lone Tree, CO 80124-6711
      Phone: (303) 768-9088

      Good sushi in a more stylish modern industrial style interior. (Park Meadows Mall area) Sonoda's has a few Denver locations but not a big chain.

      **Note: there are several newer Japanese steak houses in the area with sushi bars but I have not tried them so you can look into them as another option in the area - I can not vouch for them yet!

      Finally, if you feel like driving about 15 minutes into a more descrete spot in central Denver--- NOTHING beats Sushi Den mentioned above!

      My Non Sushi Denver tech recs are:

      Supurb Italian--
      Chianti Ristorante Italiano
      5121 S. Yosemite St., Greenwood Village (303) 796-0611

      Chianti was the first restaurant by beloved area Chef Allesandro Carollo . It is very unassuming in a small little strip shopping center but it has a most delectable menu filled with classic Italian favorites. This was the original Venice but when they opened Venice in Greenwood Village they renamed it Chianti. Truly wonderful cuisine in an intimate environment.

      Chianti's sister restaurant is the more flamboyant(and slightly more expensive) VENICE - (about 5 minutes from Denver tech) - Delicious Italian with heavenly baby artichokes! It is only minutes from Denver Tech center in a chic Greenwood Village Shopping Center. It has an elegant interior and a very nice wine list.
      Venice Ristorante Italiano
      5946 S Holly St
      Greenwood Vlg, CO 80111
      Phone: (720) 482-9191

      Yia Yia's EuroCafe-- This spot has been around for a while but still serves a nice menu for dinner, lunch and my favorite - brunch. Pleasant atmosphere if weather allows seating on the deck --

      Fresh Fish Co--(5 -7 minutes from center of Denver Tech
      )7800 East Hampden Ave, Denver (303) 740-9556
      For over 20 years, the Fresh Fish Co.has been serving fresh seafood. The seafood is flown in daily from the west coast, east coast, Alaska, and other venues. The decor is a little tired but the best seafood and sourdough bread!!!

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        1. OMG - my absolute fave is in SE Denver - Sushi Banzai. The service is great and the rolls are EXCELLENT. If you are a roll fan, they are home to the 100+ roll menu. YUMMY! Also, we just tried a new place in suburbia but incredibly tasty - Mt Fuji Hibachi Steakhouse near Southlands Mall.

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            Thanks for all the advice. I ended up at Bara Sushi, on Belleview, which was very good. I'll post a full review when I return from my biz trip.