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Oct 22, 2007 01:51 PM

Zaitzeff?? Anyone been?


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  1. I haven't been for a while, but when I did go (a couple of years ago) their food was delicious, albeit a little greasy. I love their veggie burger and the veggie sandwich with sweet potato. Also, delicious fries, you can choose from russets or sweet potato fries. I like that it's total mom & pop.

    1. I haven't been in awhile. Zach and his mom are lovely. They have beer and wine now. It's a tiny place. I used to get the sweet potato fries or breakfast sandwich of eggs, avocado and multi-grain bread before going to Caress Nails (sadly, now closed). It's a little pricey, lots of organics too.

      1. just went there today, had the delicious and HUGE veggie burger on a portuguese muffin, which is a denser version of an English muffin. The fries are made in cast-iron pans so the oil is changed frequently, The side salad that comes with the burger is excellent, with bits of dill and herbs that make me, a non-salad lover, a convert.

        I love the communal tables, super large mug of coffee, whole walnuts, almonds and other nuts on the table with a nutcracker (complimentary), and NYT sunday edition on my table--- feels so homey.

        1. There are two Zaitzeff's. Which one did you go to?