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Oct 22, 2007 01:48 PM

Booyah in LA

In Northeastern WI and other Belgian communities, there is a soup called Booyah, it's a hearty chicken soup. Is there any places in LA that makes it?

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  1. Not surprised to see that there are no responses so far. Some of the locals hide our midwestern heritage :-). My cousins in Wisconsin and Illinois had barely heard of it and could not dig up any old family recipes. But I digress....
    IIRC there was a Belgian restaurant in Pasadena but it closed. At any rate booyah is the American name for a dish that might not even be served in a traditional Belgian/Walloon restaurant.
    This old post mentions Lucky Baldwins as having Belgian events from time to time. You might give them a call...
    Gratuitous booyah link:

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      Interesting...if it's made with buckwheat, is it called Booyahkasha? I agree that Lucky Baldwin's is probably the best place to try.