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Oct 22, 2007 01:26 PM

Guinness and ????

What is your favorite thing to mix with Guinness?

I like half and halfs, snakebites and tried lambic with Guinness. Half and halfs and snakebites were good, but the Guinness and lambic wasn't for me.

Whats your favorite?

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  1. When I first had this the bartender called it a snakebite - but when I described it to other bartenders they called it a velveteen; anyway, it's Ace pear cider with Guinness on top. Surprisingly delicious.

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        1. I like a Blacksmith. Smithwick's and Guinness.

          1. vanilla ice cream.

            or framboise and a shot of habanero beer.

            Or just Guiness and the shot of habanero.

            Do all that with the ice cream. wait, I gotta try that!