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Guinness and ????

What is your favorite thing to mix with Guinness?

I like half and halfs, snakebites and tried lambic with Guinness. Half and halfs and snakebites were good, but the Guinness and lambic wasn't for me.

Whats your favorite?

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  1. When I first had this the bartender called it a snakebite - but when I described it to other bartenders they called it a velveteen; anyway, it's Ace pear cider with Guinness on top. Surprisingly delicious.

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        1. I like a Blacksmith. Smithwick's and Guinness.

          1. vanilla ice cream.

            or framboise and a shot of habanero beer.

            Or just Guiness and the shot of habanero.

            Do all that with the ice cream. wait, I gotta try that!

              1. My lips and tongue, followed by more Guinness.

                1. Baileys. You can't top a good Irish Car Bomb.

                  I'll have to try some of these mixes, though. The Blacksmith sounds delicious.

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                    Yup, a couple of car bombs will send your evening down a different road. It's half-Bailey's and half-Jameson, though.

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                      Ah! I'll have to report my local bar tender.
                      You mean the shot, right?

                  2. Going a little off mixed drinks.

                    Guiness is a good beer to match with chocolate or coffee desserts, spice cakes (or add to your chocolate or spice cake recipe) Chocolate chip cookies, sandies, clafouti (SP?), Meringues, Carrot cake, beef dishes, and, believe it or not, Crab or Lobster.

                    1. I second the champagne and guinness; I've heard it called a Black Velvet.

                      1. I love a half-and-half. And, when the fit takes me, oh yes, I'll drink a car bomb, you have to love a shot that tastes like a Guinness milkshake. I've also baked a Guinness chocolate cake, add a like Irish cream frosting, and yum!

                        1. i've tried guinness with an ounce of chambord (rasberry liquer) poured in. don't know what it's called but it was tasty.

                          1. There is actually an interesting discussion on this as well on beer advocate. My personal favorite is the black and blue- guinness and blue moon. Never tried it with a lambic but now Im interested.

                            nothing is better than the other standby either- the car bomb.

                            this is an interesting site. http://www.guinntiques.com/blacklist/