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Oct 22, 2007 01:21 PM

Help with Hummus

I have the basic hummus recipe, but I was hoping for some help. Last week I purchased a container of the smoothest creamiest hummus I have ever eaten and it also contained roasted garlic. Has anyone else made "flavored" hummus and if so, how did you do it?

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  1. Adding some roasted (or fresh) garlic is definitely one good and fairly common variation. You can also add roasted red peppers - yummy! Herbs, of course, are another simple variation - especially cilantro. Some folks add lemon/lime juice.

    But for smoothness/creaminess, just add more fat (tahini, possibly olive oil) & blend well!

    My advice, though, would be to pick 1 (or maybe 2) 'extra' flavours to add - insteading of making an 'all-dressed' hummus. But then again - who knows!

    1. What flavors are you looking to make? I've done hummus with red bell pepper and a green one with lots of parsley ground up in it. I rarely make anything other than traditional but flavors are easy to do so why not experiment.

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        I wanted to try roasted garlic, maybe artichoke as well.

      2. I'm a purist so most flavors imo only make hummus worse. I'm ok with roasted garlic. And I will add smoked paprika. But nothing else.

        1. The only way i've been able to get homemade hummus really creamy and smooth was to use my own chickpeas.

          I soak them overnight with about a teaspoon or two of baking soda in the water. I rinse the water thoroughly before boiling in fresh water. The baking soda appears to help the shells separate from the chick peas, leading to a much smoother end product.

          1. Roast the garlic (whole cloves) wrapped in foil in the oven. Chop it up a bit, and add to the Hummus while blending.