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Oct 22, 2007 12:10 PM

Best Steak in Birmingham?

Someone asked us where to find the best steak in Birmingham. We do a pretty mean steak at home (Whole Foods' natural strips are awesome, or Mr. P's filets), so we don't go out much for steak. We were disappointed in Plaza III. We have had great hanger steak at Highlands and Local, and daniel george almost always has some nice presentation of filet on the menu, but they're not really "steak places."

What are some of your experiences? Where should someone go for steak in the Magic City? Shula's? Fleming's? Ruth's Chris? Somewhere else? How's the reincarnated Michael's?

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  1. Have been to Ruth's Chris 6 times. Either business meals, gift cards or my dime. Have to say;they are not good. It may just be this one as I have heard people rave about others. Sub-par steaks, bland sides and distracted service.
    Have been to Flemings several times. Have always been pleased. Good meat, cooked to order. Good all-around experience. Have been to Shula's several times also. Good steak, but not spectacular. In fairness to Shula's, two times were wine dinners with steak as one of the courses. That probably was not showing their best.

    Sorry to hear about Plaza III. Copper Grill had a decent steak, although three of the 5 times I went I ordered the "Tomahawk" which was not on the menu. Large end of the prime rib, frenched to resemble a tomahawk. Aged 6 weeks. An odd item that came from their meat purveyor on a semi regular basis.

    I have to agree with you about a steak at home. I do a great one too.

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      The few steaks I have had from Flemings have been overly salted. I wonder how the steak is at Fon Fon; if they can do a good steak that will likely do my go to place for steak frites.

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        I have had Fonfon's steak frites a couple of times and it has been good, but not on the same level as their burger.

        Birminghamvisitor is correct that Tria's steaks are top-notch. I bought some of their prime-grade NY strips a couple of weeks ago, and they were fantastic.

    2. Alas, the best steak I've ever had in Bham was about 15 years ago. It was at a small little place in Trussville called Hamilton House. The lack of a liquor license caused them to move to Brookwood Village, but didn't make it there too long. It was a spectacular meal. I had a really good steak (forget the cut -- nice char, very flavorful) at Michael's recently, but it was still not comparable to Hamilton House. This summer I had an excellent filet at Cotton's in Orange Beach. It was absolutely divine! But, alas it's not in Bham. My grill seems to be the best place for steak in town.

      1. I havent tried all the steak places in Bham, because I do so well for myself at home as well, but have asked a few of my foodie friends. They say Michael's is the place to go...Ive been to Ruth's (its good, but not worth the money IMO) an loved Copper Grill (but it is closed now I think) friends don't recommend Shula's.

        On a side note...for steak at home, have you tried any of the dry aged steaks from Tria? That's where it is at!

        1. Do this. Go to Prairie Fire. Tell Chef Nic to cook for you a steak like Grand Daddy's. It works. No, it's not a steak place, but that doesn't matter. Enjoy.

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            Earnbeau, I have a Birmingham-related question for you. Can you email me at Thanks so much...