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Oct 22, 2007 12:07 PM

Sunday baptism brunch for 50 people - Dim Sum

I am looking for ideas for a Sunday baptism brunch for approx. 50 people, 10 of which will be small children. I was thinking of dim sum, something a little fancier than Yiu Wah for example (no plastic bag tablecloths, which is perfectly fine for your everyday Dim Sum just wanted something a little nicer since it's a special occasion), and preferably someplace that can provide a more private setting. I was looking at Lai Wah Heen but it seemed pricey, I was wondering if anyone had tried Lai Toh Heen as well, but also seems kinda pricey. I was concentrating in the downtown area but am open to going east to Scarborough as well. Thanks.

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  1. I believe that Asian Legend's downstairs rooms can be linked together to accommodate 50. I'm not a huge fan of their regular menu, but I do enjoy their dim sum offering.

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      At Metro Square,3636 Steeles west of Warden, there is a huge Chinese restaurant with a vey extensive dim sum.
      Damask tablecloths, and very reasonable prices.
      They have several cooking stations, as well as continual carts.
      There are private spaces as well.
      I think that it is a karioke bar-restaurant mid-week.
      Sorry, I can't recall the name, but have been many times.
      Someone on this board must know the name.

    2. I went to a fine wedding reception recently at the Woodside Mall at McCowan & Finch in Scarborough. They have a nice separate room that should fit your group and will give you privacy and they should be able to accomodate what you want in decor (ie tablecloths,etc)...just ask. I'm sure they will be much more reasonably priced than LWH or LTH. Middle of the road dim sum quality I think.

      1. 世紀皇宮大酒樓 Century Palace Chinese Restaurant is the one at Metro Square. This one and Ruby are much more economical than LWH/LTH. It will be very hard to get tables for 50 people on a Sunday morning for dim sum.

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          Ruby would be a good bet. The private room on the right hand side of the entrance can accommodate up to about 70 people ( or 7 round tables ). I''ve attended a number of gatherings there and find it quite cozy and 'out of the way'. As for their dim sum, they are fairly traditional and quite acceptable. Have to book ahead though!!

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            Definitely, these dim sum restaurants can be very busy on a Sunday morning ! I was at the new dim sum restaurant, Lucky Season, in Time Square this Sunday, it was insane busy !! It used to be called Sapphire.

            However, it is only average dim sum at best, but economical.

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            Century Palace.
            Yes this is the restaurant I mentioned, but couldn't remember the name.

          3. I forgot I had been to Ruby years ago for a New Year's party and it was great. I will definitely check them out this weekend. Thanks everyone for all the suggestions.

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              Ruby's is always reliable, and the staff is extremely accomodating.
              Century Palace's dim sum is, in my opinion, not in the same league. Ruby's is not 'haute' but CP is just... not very good.

              1571 Sandhurst Cir, Toronto, ON M1V1V2, CA

            2. You can't find one at downtown except those pricey resturant. But if you can go north, a lot of good choices along Hwy 7 with a resonable price.
              If you go east to Scar., not many choices neither. The best bet is 'Fair ...' (forgot the name), it is located at Finch Ave. & Milliken (1 brock east of Kennedy).