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Oct 22, 2007 11:51 AM

Hatfield Mumbler

My wife and I had the TM there Friday evening- pretty much great except that the server announcing our courses, from AB up until dessert (at which point initial server came back) was suffering from a great deal of shyness/stage fright/what have you, and had the darnedest time speaking the description of the dishes out loud. A couple of courses into it and it took all my might to suppress laughter at my wife's glazed "I don't know what you're saying" expression. Probably not helped either by the one-too-many ingredients approach- some of the dishes had one or two extra flavors- notably vanilla in a savory dish and a maple sugar crust in the lamb i could have done without. Otherwise- excellent,excellent food. The squash ravioli with blackeyed peas in a sherry brown butter sauce was the Pedroia homerun of the evening. And the summer bean salad with charred baby squid was perfectly bright and tasty (is grilled squid the ne plus ultra of the LA app world right now? I mean the one at OM is crazy good).
Well done to the owners there (the desserts were outstanding- 2 TM's got us 8 different things, uniformly excellent- the buttermilk panna cotta was perfect and then paired with a not too sweet sorbet- heaven).

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  1. Unless they've suddenly switched inkfish, Osteria Mozza has been serving up a sublime grilled octopus, not squid.

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      right you are-
      similar flavor/texture at Hatfield's in any case.

    2. we had the TM there on Saturday night and had a whopping 13 different items between me and the SO, not including the AB!

      The squash ravioli was mighty tasty, but I thought the butter was a little overwhelming. the SO who loves butter disagrees.

      I thought the lamb you spoke of was pretty damn godly. For the red meats, I received the hanger steak and the SO received said lamb. The hanger steak was OK...I've had better though. But that lamb was sublime. The sweetness was a definite shocker, and would warrant a trip back there alone.

      The octopus/squid dishes were also spectacular, and the cucumber mint grey goose gimlet was perfectly prepared.