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Oct 22, 2007 11:32 AM

Lunch options in Georgetown?

My husband & I will be in town for a long weekend, & are staying in the Georgetown area. What are some good late lunch options to start off our getaway for the Thursday we arrive? Thanks!

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  1. I would suggest certainly checking out Hook for either lunch or dinner. It's my new favorite restaurant in town with deliciously fresh seafood in a fun environment.

    If you just want a simple but yummy salad you can check out the new Sweet Greens.

    For french bistro-style cuisine I like Bistro Francais. And if you are looking for a big, Italian lunch I would go to Filomena.

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      Second for Bistro Francais. I always like dining there on off hours for some reason. Maybe because it serves dinner so late? They're very accomodating.

    2. If the weather is nice down at the harbor is Agraria. I haven't been in a while, but really enjoyed it the couple times I have gone. They used to have really good roast chicken.

      1. Bangkok Joe's has a nice atmosphere and good pan-asian food. It's close to (though not on) the water. Yummy cocktails, too!

        1. Peacock Cafe in gtown is a nice lunch spot. It is contemporary American food and they have outdoor seating if the weather is nice.

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            It may not be the kickoff lunch that you're looking for, but if you find yourselves in need of a quick and easy lunch while you're in Georgetown, check out Cafe Tu O Tu, down near the 4 Seasons. They have the most amazing salads and an adorable semi-outdoors seating area in the back.

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              I've never even heard of this place. Is it new?

          2. I love lunch at Leopold's. It's back in Cady's Alley, in the western part of Georgetown, just south of M. It's surrounded by some fantastic furniture stores, so you can have a grand time sitting outside and munching at Leopold's, then wandering through Gore Dean and other great stores. There's some great German-style food, plus some basics, pretty upscale but reasonably priced, and great espresso.

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              Second Leopolds. Love that it's tucked back in the alley. It's actually become a favorite breakfast spot for me.