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Oct 22, 2007 10:58 AM

Great Place for a Group Near Lincoln

I am planning an outing for my office, and I need a good place to take 25 people for lunch near Lincoln. We don't want anything too too fancy (as we will be working on a farm in the morning) but we need a place that has really good food and enough space for us to have a good time. The restaurant must have vegetarian options.

Thanks a million!

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  1. Well, your best bet for great food and not too fancy is to shoot into Waltham. Beijing Star on Main has wonderful options but order from the pink menu. Moody Street has Indian, Thai, Mexican and nearby is African, El Salvadoran and other ethnic choices. Do a search on Moody St or Waltham and you'll find more specific information.

    There is nothing in Concord to recommend, especially for a group that size, that meets your requirements. There is a mexican restaurant on 117 heading towards Maynard. I hear the drinks are better than the food but I don't think the food is bad, just not tops.

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      The place on 117 is Sierra's, in Sudbury, but I don't think they're open for lunch.

      I agree with three of us that the best bets are in Waltham.

    2. Hi

      Although it is not right near Lincoln I would suggest Sichuan Garden in Woburn. It is right off the Rte 38 exit of 128 and only a short drive up Rte 128 from the Lincoln area. They have a great functions room on the second floor of a historic old house and the food is terrific. They also have a lot of vegetarian dishes. So if people in your group enjoy good Chinese food, spicy Sichuan cusine in a nice atmosphere I would take a serious look at Sichuan Garden. I have held numerous group events at this place and if yu call in advance you can work out a good menu with the manager.