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Oct 22, 2007 09:45 AM

Polleria Trujillo in Woodmoor?

Anyone got some 411 on this place? Not many eateries named for dictators. 8>D

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  1. Looks pretty cute, always has people sitting, never has a line, allegedly has parking in back, still haven't gotten there when they're open--they've been closed at illogical times. Please report if you go.

    1. Pretty good, I personally like EPR a bit better. Search the Chicken Smackdown and El Pollo Rico chains and you will see a couple of comments.

      1. Trujillo is a port city in Peru. (These chicken places are supposed to be Peruvian style, tho I think a number of them are run by Central Americans.) Also Trujillo is a fairly common Latino name. So I kind of doubt this chicken joint is named after a dictator, Rafael Trujillo of the DR. (In any case, wouldn't be a good marketing plan . . . would you go to Polleria Pinochet?)
        I agree with chowsearch . . . PT's open-closed schedule is a little hard to fathom.

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          Thanks -- I thought the little face at the end of my post indicated that I was kidding but guess it must be a little too subtle. Perhaps I should use the P instead of the D?


          I'm intrigued by the "casual" adherence to their schedule. A few years back I found myself in Nashville TN and for my first chow stop I went to a place know as the best purveyor of a local specialty, "hot chicken." They opened at noon and I got there at 11:45 just to be sure. The place was dark. Twelve noon came and went; people were milling about, but no one ever showed up to open the place up.

          That's part of the "fun" of chowhounding! At least with PT you're not too far from Max's Deli (best felafel in the DC area) and other chow treats, I'm sure.

          1. re: Bob W

            wow. if Max's felafel is better than Lebanese Butcher, that'll be some pretty darn fine felafel

            1. re: Jamie D

              IMHO, Max's Shwarma is even better.. . . . . it's the array of veg ``toppings'' that makes Falafel & Shwarma so good.

        2. Nearby Fajita Coast is quite good.

          1. Quick update as to Polleria Trujillo. I got take-out from there last night (Monday @ about 5:45PM) and it was perfectly acceptable and tasty but not amazing or addictive.

            I had the 1/2 chicken platter which comes with fries/coleslaw or beans/rice for $7.25 including tax. I had beans/rice. The dark meat chicken was cooked to a braised consistency (falling off bone) and the white was slightly overdone. Both were moist and pretty flavorful. It was served with two flavored mayos - both just okay and another green dipping sauce that I didn't try. I got it with beans and rice. The beans seemed to be kidney beans and the rice was nice and fluffly. I would get it again as I live quite close but it is not a destination chicken place.

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            1. re: Super Salad

              Thanks for the intel. Kind of an ''I eat so you don't have to'' posting. Much appreciated. Recently I got a bird from Senor Chicken in Langley Park that was quite good, moist, white meat not overdone, almost a ``destination'' chicken.