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Oct 22, 2007 09:43 AM

Au Pied De Cochon this weekend - what should I order?

I'm an impoverished student 'hound living in New York; this weekend I'm visiting my boyfriend in Montreal for our anniversary and we're treating ourselves to dinner at Au Pied de Cochon.

There have been several threads on this place, but I wondered if there's anything particularly unmissable anyone more familiar with APdC might be able to push us towards

We're definitely getting foie gras poutine, probably pudding chomeur and maybe creme brulee for dessert.

I'm rather interested in the happy pork chop, the duck in a can, maybe the pied de cochon if I'm feeling in the mood for feet...any thoughts?

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  1. ask for the day's specials; I think they change often depending on what is available and in season.

    I'd get the Cromesquis and then the poutine, then the duck and finish with the foie gras aux pommes ( which is a dessert by itself, quite sweet)

    1. Oh boy, here I go.....a little nervous......I would not order the Duck in a Can. This dish was a dissappointment......not a total one however. The toast, potatoes, cabbage...all the goodies in the can were sooooo good and flavorful, but the duck and foie were....gross. The only words I can come up with to describe the foie are "blob" or "glob"....not cooked, kind of chewy and globby! The duck was *way* rare, red with skin that was grayish and all fatty. My dinner companions recognized it too despite their heads being buried in their plates. I love duck, I love foie gras, but to me anyway, this dish is screeching for some type of sear. I just don't get it.

      The rest of the dinner was great and only reflects others comments, cromesquis (note they are these little bites so you may want to order a couple), tartare, lamb shank (soooooo goood), fg poutine. Also as previous posters mentioned, the specials. We had a pork app which was a cured pork loin(?) thinly sliced and served with a nice mayo. Really yummy and an entree which was Poulet Chanticlear crispy and moist chicken served in a broth with loads of little ghnocci, very very good. My opinion only, the duck in a can was terrible.

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        I haven't had duck in a can yet so I can't comment. The foie gras poutine is a little too salty for me. I'll second the reccomendations of the lamb shank and the bison tartare. I'm also a big fan of the foie gras with apples. It's a savory tart tatin topped with melted raw milk cheese and seared foie. Delicious. The pied de cochon without foie gras is also great.

        Another favorite is the Potee (translated as Melting Pot on the English menu). It's a iron pot full of their lovely garlic cheese mashed potatoes topped with various cuts of pork; crisp roated belly, braised shank, etc, a couple of kinds of sausages including their home made boudin noir, some roasted onions, some mushrooms and roasting juices.

        Agree that you really can't go wrong with the specials. There's a app special they run. It's a piece of toast soaked in jus, covered with sauteed wild mushrooms, a poached egg, brown butter, and Parmesan. It's out of this world.

        Basically, the food's great, the staff is fun. Chances are you'll have a good time. Just be careful not to eat yourself into a coma.

        1. re: rcianci

          Damn, Potee sounds delicious...I wish we hadnt missed that one on our visit.

        2. re: minisma

          My experience of Duck in a Can was somewhat similar, though I wouldn't go so far as to call it "gross". I had no issues with the magret (except unappealing skin), but I second the suggestion that the foie preparation is challenging if you're not a hardcore foie lover. A delicious dish, but IMO quite a bit of the interest comes from the spectacle. (That said, last week I watched a foie newbie polish off an order of D in a C in record time -- everything but the skin. Adored it. I guess a hardcore foie lover is born.)

          Other recent experiences:

          Pied de cochon (regular, not foie-stuffed): you have to be prepared for a lot of fat and gelatinous connective tissue on your plate. Easy enough to eat around if so inclined, but it is there. A very tasty dish, which I plan to try at home with some meat from a bit higher up the leg.

          Cromesquis: a great amuse.

          Beet and chèvre salad: delicious, but make sure there's some nice acidic white wine handy. Also quite substantial -- would make a good app for two.

          Coupe PDC: essentially a bone-in roast loin of pork, and a great one at that. Only order if you aren't on your way somewhere else after, as you're definitely taking leftovers home and having beautiful sandwiches the next day.

          Pouding chomeur: hard to beat if you have a sweet tooth, especially for maple. Have it with black coffee. Another one to try at home; the recipe is very straightforward.

        3. I personally found the Happy Chop a bit bland: I prefer my chops grilled, and from what I remember it's oven-cooked, so it wasn't crispy. I like my Maillard reaction! The mushroom side is nothing special, the sort of thing that is easy to prepare at home. Chops need a bit of sweetness and tartness IMO.

          The lamb shank was excellent, I second that.

          1. Foie gras poutine is a must. If you get the pudding chomeur, I doubt you will also want the creme brulee--the pudding is super sweet and takes up a lot of space in what will be your already very stuffed tummy. Unlike the other posters here, I love the duck in a can--I guess it isn't for everyone, but we make sure someone at the table orders it every time and we all share it.

            1. I second, third... lost count, the Poutine, so amazing, a guilty pleasure...going to have it myself tomorrow, I think I'm dreaming of it now. As for the duck in a can... my husband is a big fan and when he first tried it described it as all the flavors you need in a day in one meal... and we always make sure some one at the table orders it too. Specials never disappoint. Have fun!

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                After having to cancel our trip last month, we're going this weekend and have booked APDC. Looking forward to it, although my husband is rethinking the duck in a can. It honestly doesn't that appealing to either of us. But the poutine definitely appeals to him. It's a belated 60th birthday celebration for him, so he is welcome to indulge himself as much as he wants!