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Oct 22, 2007 09:30 AM

Odd Question [Moved from General Topics board]

I have a friend in Conneticut I'd like to send some baked goods to (brownies and muffins), and was wondering if wrapping them in plastic wrap individually before placing them in the tupperware container to be shipped would help them stay fresher during shipping.

Has anyone ever tried this?

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  1. I sent my Sis some homemade Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies awhile back and sent them in a tin rather than a tupperware (the tin was left over from a package of christmas cookies and believe it or not weighed less than the tupperware).... I never did use plastic wrap I just put a paper liner inside (more to dress up the package than anything) and carefully stuffed the tin making sure they were in tightly but not squished and my Sis said they arrived in perfect condition.

    I dunno if I'm being any help... that's my 2 cents anyway :-)

    1. The more tightly the surface of baked goods is wrapped, the more moisture stays in. So individually wrapped items will stay moister. That's good for things like brownies, not as good for things that are crisp, which are likely to get soggy. Muffins are sort of inbetween -- if they're fairly dry, I'd wrap them in plastic wrap; very moist muffins, I'd maybe just cover loosely with paper, since they tend to get gooey/sticky under the plastic.

      1. It definitely wouldn't be a bad idea to individually wrap the brownies! To further Ruth's point, wrapping is great for locking moisture in, but make sure it's something you want to be moist. And on that note, make sure to let the brownies cool well enough first before wrapping them. You don't want any steam to gather on the plastic wrap and drip back into the brownies. One time a bakery wrapped their breads too quickly and the condensation led to a quick case of mold!

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        1. A friend sent brownies to us by snail mail - ship and donkey for all we knew - from the US to South America. It took them six months to get there. They were still great!!! Just fudge instead of brownies. We ate them all!

          Put them in a zip loc in a tin or tupperware and don't worry. Chocolate stuff keeps forever. I bet it's a preservative.