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Oct 22, 2007 09:29 AM

What is Wild Boar


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  1. Screwed up my first post on this board. Sorry. Wild boar appears all over the place. There cannot be enough hunters to hill enough pigs in the woods. Is it just a domesticated version of what was once a wild animal--as happened with venison? Is it fake/

    1. Wild boar--or more likely, feral pigs--are common in the South, in the coast range of California, in parts of Hawaii and other Pacific islands, as well as in places like Sumatra, Indonesia, where muslims don't eat them and they are a huge pest. The South has had problems with pig populations displacing native fauna.

      1. The original comment has been removed
        1. Wild boar are found on many islands in Japan, including Honshu, the main island. They are often a pest to farmers there, busting in a stealing vegetables. Of course, some of them don't turn out to be so lucky. Wild boar hot pot is a winter dish common in some areas. Interestingly, wild board used to be nicknamed "mountain whale" because the meats resemble each other.

          1. We are in FL and my husband goes boar hunting with his buddies. It is a feral pig. Pretty intense process using dogs which usually get injured blah, blah, blah!