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What side dishes should I serve with Steak Chimmichuri?

Any ideas other than just plain rice? Thanks

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  1. A grated carrot salad is pretty traditional.

    1. If you're talking Argentine and you want to be traditional - then a salad and a form of potato. Most Argentine restaurants in the U.S. and BA serve potato salads, baked potatoes and french fries as well as pure de papa - potato puree/mashed potato. Its very, very smooth - definitely food milled. The salads vary in style but lettuce, tomato and onion is common. So salad, steak and potato. Rice is not big in BA.

      I've not seen carrot salad with Argentinean food but definitely with Brazilian rodizio and it would go nicely.

      Of course, you could really go Argentinean and serve more meat, innards with the steak - sausages, sweetbreads etc..

      1. At a restaurant in Houston where I first had chimichurri, they served plaintain chips with chimichurri as a starter. they were crisp. with the meal there was often roasted plantain chunks, yucca, taro.

        1. Carrot salad is definitly traditional and also a simple salad of tomato, slivered onions and shredded lettuce dressed with oil and vinegar. A basket of good crusty bread or some crispy french fries would be great.

          1. I do a grilled polenta. Last time I actually cut the grilled polenta into checker piece sized circles and surrounded the steak (flank/ skirt) pouring the sauce over everything.

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              That sounds great chinon and traditional.

            2. My first thought is tostones, but that's mostly because that's what I made tonight as a side dish to some swiss chard and a couple of broiled pork chops.

              Take one plantain per diner (green is more traditional, but I like the sweetness and softer texture of a not-too, too-ripe yellow), peel and slice into rounds about 3/4 inch thick. Fry over medium-high heat in about a quarter-inch of oil until lightly browned on both sides, then remove to a heat-proof cutting board and smoosh to about half their original thickness. (I use the side of an Asian vegetable cleaver for this.) Place the smooshed plantain pieces into a cold water bath for about ten minutes: the idea is that it draws starch out of the plantains onto their surface, where it becomes a sort of automatic coating. Remove them from the bath, let drain briefly and then re-fry for about three minutes per side. Drain and dress with salt and either cayenne pepper or your hot spice mix of choice. I like Penzey's Cajun seasoning, but Tony Chachere's is also good, as is a simple sprinkling of Cholula.

              1. Potato salad, *not* creamy, but made with a zippy white wine vinaigrette.

                1. What is the dish you are making? I have heard of the sauce but never tried it.

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                  1. Besides more meat, I would go with grilled corn on the cob with grated parm and butter (Mexican style) or a maybe warm vingar based potato salad (German style).

                    1. yucca fries are always my favorite with this dish. I

                      1. Nice crispy twice fried potatoes! Or, rosemary potatoes would go well.