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Oct 22, 2007 08:29 AM

Marshall University - Huntington, WV

Taking daughter for college visit. Any recs for places to eat lunch, dinner, breakfast? Looking for some regional down home cooking. Thanks!

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  1. Stewart's Hot Dogs on 5th for lunch. A Huntington and Marshall tradition. If you want to get your daughter started on her Freshman 15, go to a Tudors Biscuit World for Breakfast and get a Herd biscuit. You will understand why WV has one of the highest rates of obesity and heart disease in the country. Chilli Willies Mexican Cantina on 4th for lunch. Not down home, but another Marshall Tradition. I still morn the day that Wiggins Drive-Inn on 4th Ave across from Old Main burned. Great memories of scarfing down dinner with the Profs before a evening class. I'm sorry that I don't have any recomendations for a good down home regional cooking. I am only in Huntington over the holidays now and don't get a chance to try very many places. I don't know of any quality places that server regional fare. However if you are going through Beckley WV on I-77, stop the Tamerac Craft Center and eat at the Food Court. The Greenbriar Resort runs the food service there and it is worth the stop. "GO HERD!"

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      Cutter, I guess Tudors Biscuit World must be a WV chain. We have eaten in those outside Charleston on our travels. We won't be going that way on this trip (we live in Columbus, OH) but we have also stopped at the Tamarac Craft Center & Food Court. Hot dogs sound like perfect college fare, thanks for the rec.