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Oct 22, 2007 08:13 AM

Delmonico? Would you recommend?

And if so, what did you get? We have reservations for next month and since it is my first time in Vegas I am not knowledgable about retaurants- besides what I have read from my fellow CHO's. Thanks in advance!

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  1. We were disappointed in our dinner at Delmonico's earlier this year. Other's on the board enjoy it a lot, but I would suggest Craftsteak, Charlie Palmer Steak and Prime over Delmonico's.


    1. I, personally, would not recommend Delmonico.

      There are two schools of thought when it comes to this place:

      1.) You love it.
      2.) You think it's way overrated.

      I fall into the later category. With all the fantastic steakhouse options in Vegas I cannot understand how this gets consistent praise. I have a theory that it's the "average joe's" obsession with Emeril Lagasse. "Oh, it's an Emeril restaurant! It *must* be good!"

      As barry said - try Craftsteak for CERTAIN over Delmonico. Another option that I really enjoy is Stripsteak at Mandalay Bay.

      3950 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV

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      1. re: azbirdiemaker

        ... and a link for Craftsteak.

        MGM Grand Hotel & Casino: Craftsteak
        Las Vegas, NV, USA, Las Vegas, NV

        1. re: azbirdiemaker

          I don't consider myself an "average joe" as I have no Emeril obsession. I'm quite the opposite staying far away from his other commerical endeavors. That being said, being from the NYC area, I think I have tried most of the better or noted steakhouses in this country. IMHO, Delmonico's signature rib steak was probably the best steak I ever had bar none. Combine that with excellent sides and stellar service and you can't go wrong. Admittedly, I've never been to the other steakhouses in LV so I can't comment if they are as good or even better. I just thought it important to respond to the previous post positing a reason for why people either love or hate the establishment. Good luck and enjoy where ever you choose.

          1. re: bgut1

            It's not a reason - it's my *theory*.

            I don't claim that everyone who eats at Delmonico is an "average joe" with the EL obsession but those individuals certainly make up a good portion of their clientel. Like it or not - Las Vegas is a tourist town that, in a large way, caters to the "average joe" and his/her quest for a good time on vacation. These are the folks who flood the houses of Lagasse, Puck, Flay, etc. with the thoughts that since they are well-known televised celebrity chefs - well, then, the food MUST be stellar. There are some tasty dishes being served at these places but the below average far outweigh the above average, *IMO*.

            And before I'm publicly crucified for my opinions, let me just say that these are my observations from living and breathing the restaurant business in Las Vegas for over 10 years.

            Now - *that being said* ... bgut, I'm glad you really enjoy Delmonico. However, I stand by my opinion that Delmonico is a below average restaurant. Now that I no longer live in Sin City I will most likey never return to Delmonico - there are simply far too many better steakhouse options in the city, IMO.

            1. re: azbirdiemaker

              i have not eaten at delmonico's in ...gee..might be 2 years now ( like i preach often - there are too many places left to try in the vegas valley ! ) i ate there 3-4 times and i thought the bone in rib eye was top notch ! i enjoy craftsteak, stripsteak, n9ne, prime and others.... i had to chuckle about the "average joe" reference .... man, i don't think an average joe can afford Delmonico's !!! then again, the average joe cannot afford most of the strip restaurants...especially the steakhouses !

              1. re: kjs

                Delmonico is a great option for those who are seeking a great, dry-aged, bone-in ribeye. The wine list is fabulous. And, the service can be the best in the city at times. I don't think that the menu is the most creative, or well executed in town. But if you are a steak lover, and really just want steak, potatoes, and wine...give it a shot!

                1. re: persally

                  Oddly, I ordered the bone in ribeye at Delmonico's on our visit earlier this year, as did another man in our party. Both of us thought the steak was chewy and tough. It was cooked properly, but the meat just wasn't good, thus our dissapointment. A couple of the sides were good, but there are many places in Vegas we enjoyed much more over the years.

                  1. re: barry

                    I am having second thoughts about going to Delmonico- we just want a good piece of meat, wonderful sides (since I am more of a veggie lover) and good wine. Wanting to spend $75-$100 per person.

                    If you all have other suggestions that fall within this range we'd really appreciate it. Craftsteak is def an option since no one has said anything negative about it. But does it have anything other than steak?

                    1. re: xena1441

                      xena - You would be hard pressed to find a restaurant without someone posting a negative comment. Please know that most of the restaurants discussed are more than capable of delivering what you are looking for. That being said I'm sure you would have a very enjoyable meal at Delmonico if that is where you choose to dine.