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Oct 22, 2007 07:49 AM

Max Brenner

Went there for the first time out of curiosity. Everything tasted so artificial and way too sweet. The dark chocolate cake tasted like a mound of melted sugar with a cube of chocolate. The warm chocolate syrup tasted like corn syrup with a drop of chocolate. Everything tasted pre-fabricated, saccharin, yuck felt sick after.

I guess it's not surprising considering that it's a large chain that has 117 items on the menu.

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  1. i also was not impressed with max brenner. i went w/ some friends who were from out of town and had to try the place. i had a savory waffle with sausage - and it was too salty and overcooked. and then the hot chocolate - which was lukewarm and too sweet - like the style that comes out of the machine at a 7-11. maybe i ordered the wrong things?

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      Has anyone had either type of their chocolate pizzas? Friends from out of town raved about it, but they also rave about Taco Bell...

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