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Oct 22, 2007 07:43 AM

Lento's Style Pizza is Back in Brooklyn

They are making a pizza that tastes just like Lento's pizza at Jose Murphy Circles Spaghetti Western Canteena. We went in because we saw their ad that claimed to do a "Pizza Prepared reverently in the lento style". Much to our amazement it tasted exactly like a Lento's pizza. It was wonderful. "Jose Murphy" is located at 8001 5th Ave. in Bay Ridge, at the corner of 5th Ave. and 80th St. -- previously this retaurant was called Canteena.

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  1. Just like Lento's?...Really???
    Lento's pizza was unlike any other pizza I have had. People either loved or hated their unique cracker-like crust. Unfortunately, 5th and 80th St is in the heart of No Parking Land . I guess I'll have to take a 'Parking Patience Pill' and check it out. Thanks for the head's up :-}

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    1. re: Tay

      Well, we checked it out. Can't say with any authority whether it's just like Lento's, because I never heard of the original until it closed. (Thanks for nothing, blogosphere.)

      The place is really still Cantina, the silly attempt at a Mexican restaurant from the Circles guys. They've added the pizzas and a few pastas to the menu, but they still greet you with chips and salsa. Same horrible decor, too.

      But the pizza was pretty interesting. My wife loved it, and after the shock wore off it started to grow on me. We had the hot sausage, which was nice and spicy. And indeed, it is a wafer-thin & extremely crispy crust. I think it would be great with some non-traditional ingredients, like shrimp or clams.

      Since I always feel compelled to eat something green with pizza, we also split a caesar salad, romaine lettuce with a watery parmesan dressing. And strangely they claimed their beer supplier "hadn't shown up yet" on a Saturday night, so there was no beer on tap.

      Oh, and on an early Saturday night we actually parked on 5th with no problem.

      We'd go back, I guess, but I doubt it'll displace Kettle Black, Henry Grattans, etc. for comforty food.

      1. re: scooter

        I am not a pizza eater so I miss that kind of comfort meal, but Yellow Hook Grille and Salty Dog IMHO are the best BR places for comfort food...

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          I believe its so because I think I heard they bought Lentos pizza ovens while they were still Canteena

        2. re: Tay

          Re: Lento's style pizzas...I have a buddy who affectionately called Lento's style of crust "Matzoh Pizza"

          1. re: famdoc

            If you feel the need for green, order the sausage pie with green peppers.
            funny... My friends always referred to it as, "Jewish Pizza" due to the thin, wafer like crust. I don't know about the place on 5th, but the original Lento's used to serve their pizza on the back side of those old, heavy duty metal, two handled pizza trays. They were incredibly hot and kept the crust crisp. Unfortunately, they don't serve it like that at the Staten Island Lento's.
            I'm encouraged that you found parking nearby and on a weekend no less!
            I'll have to psych myself up and give it a shot.

        3. If you want pizza just like Lento's in Manhattan try Posto, Vezzo or Gruppo, all owned by the same people.

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          1. re: BluPlateSpec

            Peppino's on 3rd Ave and 76th St. in Bay Ridge is my go-to for thin crust in the hood. Always eat-in, take-out winds up soggy every time.

            1. re: jamie2742

              Ahhh... There is thin crust... And then there is Lento's thin... :-}