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Oct 22, 2007 07:41 AM

Need Dallas recs. near Fairmont hotel

I am heading in to Dallas tonight and looking for some recommendations. I am staying at the Fairmont for work and have never ventured to Dallas before. I am looking for whatever Dallas does best.......tex-mex, bbq, etc. Nothing crazy high-end and anything near the Fairmont or a shot cab ride.............thanks.

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  1. Green Papaya right down the street is really excellent Vietnamese. Mia's Tex Mex on Lemmon is a fun hole in the wall place for Mexican. For BBQ I would hit Sonny Bryans in the West End.

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    1. re: foodie06

      foodies ideas are good hole in the wall type suggestions.

      Since you are close by, I would stop by Stephen Pyles before dinner for a drink and a tapa or two. This will give you some idea of the range of dallas dining.

      1. re: foodie06

        I'd be hardpressed to call Green Papaya "excellent Vietnamese." It's tailored for a Western palate and the dishes are bland & mediocre at best.

      2. Steven Pyles. 300yd walk. Eat at the bar if a solo.