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Oct 22, 2007 07:20 AM

anything NEW in koreatown?

been in and out of k-town for years now, and just wondering if there are some outstanding new finds, or standards. seems like shilla may be the biggest and newest on the block but that's been a year or two already; shanghai mong I found aight, and I've probably eaten at every other place already, from ganmeeok all the way down to kunjip, and back around the other side of the block from mandoo bar to kang suh, and just looking for something different. been to the places on 35th and 33rd as well, but anyway, ya, anything new in town, or particular standout offerings from old standbys?

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  1. the only thing i can offer is shilla as well. that seems to be the buzz about k-town lately. it's a lot cleaner and fresh-looking than the old stand-bys.

    of course, there's pinkberry as well.

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      I'm not a huge fan of any of the 32nd St restaurants, but Shilla is probably my favorite, especially for lunch. They have a pretty decent lunch menu--many options beyond the standard dishes and reasonable prices. Their menu is maybe a little too diverse (someone called it the Cheesecake Factory of Korean food), but it seems like they do a passable job with every type of dish.

    2. I've been to pretty much every korean restaurant in Ktown and I found a new favorite, Madangsui. It's located on 35th st between 5th and 6th ave. I believe they opened a few months ago. The banchan is pretty large and food very tasty. I've recommended it to a few friends of mine and they've all raved.

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        great, thanks for the tip. ended up eating at kang suh (I know, anti-climactic) but the oldies are sometimes the goodies; had the duk mandoo gook, hwedupbop, and dolsot bibimbap and all of it was good, delicious, and solid. ol' faithful lives on!

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          Thanks for the Madangsui recommendation! I did more research with friends, and apparently their specialty is beef, because they only use fresh, not frozen beef, so the unmarinated beef is recommended over the typical marinated beef for kal bi. They have a thriving business in Fort Lee (big Korean community) and so recently opened in Manhattan.

          I will go this weekend and report back! It will be myself and 3 other foodies who know Korean food well!

          Not in K-Town, but I really like Woo Lae Oak in SoHo for the total dining experience. Granted, it is Korean fusion, not traditional Korean, but it is really good, though a little on the pricey side compared to K-Town. Their other restaurants in other cities are traditional Korean. I think they have a restaurant in West Midtown, that has a similar but more limited menu, not sure how it is.

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            Well, Madangsui is my new favorite as well, it was truly fantastic and far exceeded my expectations! Thanks for the heads up, SA!

            All the ingredients are very fresh, the ban chan is abundant and includes some special items, like the night I was there we had kochejang-marinated raw blue crab, yum!

            The meat is indeed delicious, we went with the waitress' suggestion of the fresh meat over the marinated meat (we were going to try 1 of each, but boy we were glad we hadn't). The meat is high quality and very tasty!

            The restaurant looks a lot nicer than the tired-looking places on 32nd and the waitstaff are attentive.

          2. i like you chun...its a naeng myun specialist on 36th st, they have the best neung myun in ktown

            they also have a dduk boki dish where they put mandoo in it...very good late night food (helps if you go with someone korean, english is not their forte)

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              ya that place is good, they also have this soondae "stir-fry" dish but its basically a whole mess of stir-fried veg and all kinds of goodies, and plopped on top of roughly sliced soondae; sorta feels like a boekum or something; really tasty.

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                ohh sounds pretty good, ill try that next time i go

            2. This is a really old place, but have you been to Third Floor on the corner of 32nd and 5th? It's a lounge with overpriced Coronas but I actually really like their food and sometimes go during the day when no one is there because I like their omerice. They also have good bar/group foods like squid bokum with ramen noodles and ddubukki. Then there's also the newish fried chicken place bon chon.

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                ya been there, mostly for the tuesday night happy hour ($14pp AYCE tonkatsu and fried chicken, AYCD bud and miller lite); usually see the omerice on every table too.

              2. There is a new Korean restaurant on 33rd St, b/w 5th and Broadway. Haven't tried it yet.

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                  not thinking of beijing are you?