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Oct 22, 2007 06:27 AM

donuts at Concord, NH farmers' market?

I've been hearing about these fantastic donuts that are sold at the Sat (?) morning farmers' market in Concord. has anyone had them?

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  1. Yes! And they ARE fantastic. I think I've tried the Boston cream (which was light and crispy-squishy and filled with really marvelous pastry cream), and the plain, which is also nice, with a hint of cinnamon. They're big, though- DH and I split one now as a treat when we go to the farmer's market.

    I'm not sure how much longer the Concord market is open for the season- but I'll be sad to see it go. A lot of the vendors are really great- you can find unpasteurized apple cider (my favorite), local hormone-free meat, pastries from Lala's in Manchester, and lots of other great local foods.

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      is there a link to this market or does anyone know for sure when they are done for the season? I"ll be up soon to visit family and would like to check it out, thanks

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        Hello! There is a link to the NH Farmer's Market Directory online here: I guess it says that the Concord one will only run through Oct 27.

    2. Does anyone know who the baker is?

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        and to piggyback, does anyone know who or what happened to Janet's donuts that used to be I believe on West st - in a little tiny house...I have such fond memories of that place:)

      2. I see this is an old post, bit I just logged on to see if the Farmer's market was still open (yes!). I go for shopping but bring my coffee and always get a donut from Rollin' in the Dough. I asked last week if they had a location we could go other than Saturday mornings. They do not. Keep your eyes peeled at other markets and you may see them. They do not sell from their commercial bakery.

        1. Rollin in the dough will be set up at the Concord Winter Farmer's Market according to the owner/baker. I'm not sure of the location, but will find out and repost!

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