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Oct 22, 2007 05:57 AM

N. Shore Caterers?

My sister is having a Christening at her house and she's been searching for a good caterer (with not much luck). She lives in Andover and needs delivery of the food on a Sunday. She's open to different food options - just looking for good quality. There will be about 25 people plus 10 children. Even a restaurant that does trays would be fine (but she prefers to have delivery). Has anyone had any good experiences with caterers/restaurants? Thanks in advance!

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  1. always been pleased with Timothy Hopkins in Ipswich

    Timothy S Hopkins Catering
    9 Old Right Rd, Ipswich, MA 01938

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      Good, but perhaps not convenient enough to Andover: Catering with Manners in Beverly.

    2. My family has used Celebrations in Beverly for a number of occassions. I'm sure they would be able to travel to Andover though.

      Also I specifically remember an incredible spread we had for my graduation celebration (about 10 years ago now!!) from Henry's Market (also in Beverly). Their website says they will deliver platters so perhaps you could give them a call. It's only 30 minutes away so I imagine they would be willing to deliver, since my house growing up was 20 min from Beverly.
      Their cold sesame noodle salad is reason enough to order from there!

      1. While it's been awhile since I've used them, Gourmet Lauren in Stoneham might be able to accommodate.

        Also, right in Andover, check out Vincenzo's Restaurant - Not sure whether they'd bring the food to the house vs. doing in-house catering only for functions at the restaurant.

        In North Andover, Butcher Boy Marketplace does catering:

        1. A friend has a new company in N. Andover , her food is very good!

          Best of Thymes Catering
          733 Turnpike St North, Andover, MA

          1. Vinwood Caterers in Ipswich -- really great food at a fairly reasonable price and lovely people.