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Oct 22, 2007 05:56 AM

Good 'n cheap steak in Ulster County?

Vegetarian here looking to take my meat-eating husband and steak-loving son out to dinner to celebrate their birthdays next Sunday evening. Any good recommendations? I want to enjoy seeing them eat with abandon rather than thinking about how the appetizers will topple the bill into the ozone. They like ribs, too. I want some place with a nice down-and-dirty (oops I should have said "rustic") atmosphere where the two meat-eaters can do some manly bonding. Any suggestions? I'm hoping to keep the dinner for three (I like salad/pasta and a nice glass of wine) at $100. Thanks!

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  1. I'm not sure of its proximity to you but, Frank's Steak House, 1061 Rte. 9W Esopus, NY 12429 (845) 384-6897, we have dinner there before we hit the Headless Horseman, for Halloween Festivites. Everyone we take there enjoys the food, and casual aptmosphere.

    1. Sent a group of 12 to Hickory on Route 28 this past weekend. They reported that the Ribeye steak was excellent as were the ribs. When I went there about a month ago they had a special 1 pound NY Strip with 2 sides for $21 that my tablemate is still ooing about. Old wood walls... Also, my daughter's a vegetarian and has never had a problem eating their if you want to join your men.

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        Dale, Thanks for Hickory. I already took them to the Hickory for the birthday celebration twice! First time was great, nice crowd, great food; the second time the food wasn't as good. They went together on their own a few months back (that's manly bonding) and my husband reported that it must have been an off night. So, I'd like to try something new... similar, but better, if possible! Thanks, Cookie

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          right next to ulster is schlesinger's, in new windsor. it's by far the best steak in the mid hudson valley, but may not have the atmosphere you're looking for.

          i didn't like frank's, either food or service.

          was also underwhelmed by the hotel with steak on rte 28 (routagan's?) between hickory and the thruway.

          ACTUALLY...this will sound weird, but i like the filet mignon at armadillo's ( , mexican place in kingston. and i know someone else on here says that they love the hamburger there...and it definitely fits what you're looking for on the atmosphere, affordable prices, etc.

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            I didn't like Frank's either, but it was a few years ago and I went at someone's strong recommendation. I've also been told about Roundigans? but I don't like the chain ambiance. Armadillo is a very strong possibility.. and I'll look into Schelsginer's in New Windsor, but it might be too much of a drive. Does anyone have any thoughts about Riciardelli's in Phonecia?

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              We must be ordering right at Frank's because honestly we have always enjoyed the food and service. It is not not a high end place but for what it is I don't think it's a bad choice.

            2. re: bob gaj

              I just checked out schlesinger's website.... it looks like a nice place for father and son to do some manly bonding while eating choice steak. It just might be worth the hour's drive. It's a tossup between armadillo's (20 miles) and schlesingers (50 miles)....

              1. re: dropdeadcookie

                just noticed that you're going sunday evening. word of warning: armadillo's is having a kids halloween thing on their porch from 4-6. now, you can eat without being on the porch, but we're planning on bringing our young'uns and then eating there afterwards.

                and if there are others making similar plans...the place might be especially kid-packed that day.

                just a heads-up.

        2. It's not cheap, but it's certainly reasonable for the quality of the food. I just love Peekamoose Restaurant in Big Indian.

          1. Will also attest to Schlesinger's. The restaurant has excellent steaks,ribs,etc. Main building is on the national historic register. Separate bar is the only cigar bar in Orange County. Retail cigar store attached to bar.

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              Well chowhounds! Thanks. Dinner last night at Schlesinger's was right on the mark. The guys liked the old fashioned feel of the place (not that they said that). Not that they said anything. They were too busy eating to do much of anything. They weren't oohing and aahing or anything, but they were just focused on making their way through the sirloin and the filet mignon. Being a vegetarian, I couldn't really attest to the quality of the meat. The price was acceptable -- $120 with tip -- for the three of us. Thank you chowhounds for steering me to an authentic steakhouse. If I wasn't a veggie, I'd probably start learning more about the different meat cuts, etc... but I'm glad to have found a place that I can trust.