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Oct 22, 2007 05:35 AM

lower hudson valley, w/ a view

taking a ride up towards sleepy hollow. any recs on the way for a decent restaurant with a view of the hudson, or lake, or mnt? thx

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  1. The Valley Restaurant in Garrison is overlooking the Hudson. The view is spectacular. The food is good too. It's on the grounds of the golf course.

    1. harvest on hudson in hastings, blu in hastings, striped bass in tarrytown,chart house in dobbs ferry,These are only waterfront/view recs. not food recs. Do a search on the boards for food reviews, I think Harvest is the better of food compared to the other recs that I made.Nothing excellent, prices at all vary as well as atmosphere.

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        Left out Sunset Cove in Tarrytown...I think the food is much better than Striped Bass, and the view is spectacular.

        1. re: Marge

          TARRYTOWN REPORT: at lunchtime on a Monday, Sunset cove had a few sad batchelors drinking beer at the bar, and the dining room was closed. The view was ok. We did not stay.
          Striped Bass may have a view when the weather is nice, but not when it isn't. The indoor dining room could have been on main st... and the food was just OK.

      2. oh, also, flirt sushi in irvington and check if red hat bistro is open in the waterfront- restaurant one in irvington, I believe is waterfront as well.As I said , do the search for food recs of these places.Happy,Good eating in my towns!

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        1. re: yeshana

          Per their webite ( ), Red Hat should be open this week. It's a very short walk from the Irvington Metro North Station.

          Also worth noting is Peter Kelly's X20 which is a short walk from the Yonkers Metro North Station.

          1. re: cavandre

            Does Buffet De La Gare in Hastings-on-Hudson have a view?

            1. re: Nancy C

              Red Hat has amazing views at there new location

              1. re: Nancy C

                Across from Buffet is the Metro station & public library. Some tables have a view of the top of the Palisades. Go there for the food, not the view.