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Oct 22, 2007 05:23 AM


Had lunch here on Saturday -I don't usually spend much time in this neck of the woods but my mom wanted to browse the antique stores. It was very good. I had the crab chowder - lots of chunks of crab in a near-perfect light cream base together with a salad of mixed greens dressed with a lemony citrus vinagrette that was lovely. My mom had the pancetta and portobello mushroom quiche, which was small but rich and satisfying, also served with mixed greens.

There seemed to be a number of happy customers and the staff was friendly and enthusiastic. The decor was light, bright and attractive, with a beautifully tiled floor. There was a thriving pastry shop next door.

Anyone else been here?

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  1. We've been many times for dinner and have always loved it. We tried brunch a couple of years back when they first started doing it and the service was dreadful, never been back.
    Sounds like they have improved so I will definitely give them another go. Thanks for the update Higgette.

    1. I took my parents there for Summerlicious last year. Not too impressed. I mean that the food is ok. However, the ambience and service are not to the level that I expected. While I was there, I kept thinking that their picture on looks much better than it actually is and I should have spent my money at a place like Auberge du Pommier.

      I also wanted to visit Le Comptoir de Celestin next door. However, the small bakery and pastry shop was closed already.

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        I definitely wouldn't call it special but for a Saturday lunch it was pretty good and very reasonable. I'm not sure I'd bother with dinner.

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          Hi Higgette - thanks for the review. Do they have any brunch items on the menu or is it all more lunchy?

          1. re: peppermint pate

            There were brunch and lunch items. They serve dinner too but I didn't get a look at the menu. It had a real French bistro feel and prices were good.

          2. re: Higgette

            I've been for dinner a few times and the food was very good. Excellent crab bisque!!!

        2. does anyone know if they have a website?

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              Actually, the name of the restaurant is Celestin - no "e" - and the website is:

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                thanks! for some reason, i never clicked on that link, guess i figured they would've had an easier to remember website name.