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Oct 22, 2007 05:08 AM

John Andrews regulars--help a newbie

How far in advance should i make a reservation?
(finally going to try to go sometime next month!)

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  1. Why not just make the call? There's nothing wrong w/making a res a month in advance, so why wait?

    1. I have been there only three times and have never had trouble getting in. (Twice I made last minute reservations but once showed up mid week without reservations and no problem.) If you know when you are going, I agree-- just give them a call and make a reservation.

      1. do yourself a favor and don't go. i found my meal overhyped, overpriced, and not good (especially the fact i had to send my pork chop back three times because it was raw, not rare, raw). i'd highly suggest allium in great barrington or the inn at gedney farm instead. much much better meals.

        1. I was at John Andrews last Sunday night; Danny was not even there...we knew that he would not be because we spoke to him on Saturday...And Glen and G put out terrific food. Every restaurant has an off night; that does not mean one should not go back or forgive. Hey, reading this? I know we are on the same page. Danny and his crew are incredible. And, I do not want to slight Aaron the wine guy...he will really help you in that department

          1. We usually get there when they just open(around 5PMish I think) so we never have a prblem with reservations.
            Why not just call and ask them!!!