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Oct 22, 2007 02:59 AM

Five Guys Burgers in Orange, CT

We were at Home Depot in Orange, CT saturday and it was around lunch time and we both were hungry. My coworker has recommended Five Guys in the past to me. It's located in the same parking lot as Home Depot but just across the lot from them next to Workin Gear. To cut a long story shirt we both had burgers and we got an order of the Five Guys fries and the cajun fries. The burgers turned out to be double burgers. You have a choice of all kinds of condiments on them as no extra cost. They were very good. Both of the fries were very good but we ended up eating all of the cajun fries. They weren't spicy hot but they had great flavor. By the time we left the place was jamming and the line was at the door. It's nothing fancy and it's a chain and I know how most of you feel about chains but go and try this place. It's some of the best burgers and fries I have had. Here's the website. Richie

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  1. I live in New Jersey and Five Guys franchises started popping up here earlier in the year. I've read a lot about them here on Chowhound and other forums. What a wide range of opinions! I agree with you; some of the best burgers and fries I've ever had. And I've had them at many places. I like burgers well done, but these are juicy and not dry. Many well done burgers are too dry. Fresh meat, good bun and prepared well. I hear a lot about In-N-Out a lot, but never ate at one as they are on the West Coast. Many people who have had both seem to prefer In-N-Out. I would love to make a comparison, but I think I would probably prefer Five Guys. Everything about the burger, how it is put together, the toppings, etc. are to my liking and fit my taste. In-N-Out uses Russin dressing as a topping, which according to many, makes it special. Noted food critic Jason Perlow prefers Five Guys. His site, has excellent pictures as well as a fine review. Although my favorite thing to eat is a hot dog, the burgers and fries at Five Guys are so good, I've only had the hot dog once. It too, is very good. A nice sized Hebrew National frank that is split and griddled. Although skinless (I prefer casing) it spends enough time on the griddle to give the outer layer of meat a nice char which kind of simulates a casing.

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      There is another one opening up on Whalley ave across in the Amity Wine/ Sam Ash
      Plaza. There was a short lived (but pretty good) Steak Street Philly cheese place there before. I think 5 Guys is good, but that is a bad location, odd parking for a fast food joint

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        I agree, that's a lousy location. For everyone's information, mmalmad is referring to a location in New Haven, Ct adjacent to the Woodbridge town line.

    2. We discovered Five Guys on a recent trip to Baltimore. I wish they'd come to the Boston area!

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        Tried this place out on the advice of friends from N.Y..IMO the burger was OK but nothing to rave about.Pretty typical fast food stuff.The fries were also OK but once again I would not go out of my way for them.For me it makes no sense to go there again because right down the street is Coromandel which has a gourmet lunch buffet cooked by a real chef.For the same price it is a no-brainer.

      2. The Avon, CT location is closer to me and I LOVE 5 guys. They deep fry their bacon in a fry basket so it's super crispy! Also, I never eat burgers anywhere else because they generally skeeve me out. I do like the sliders at Plan B in West Hartford though.
        Their fries are among the best I've had and the hot dogs aren't too shabby either.
        viva la 5 guys...!

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        1. re: masha bousha

          I have been to the Avon 5 guys and think the burgers are okay, "nothing special" as my late mother used to say. Just a little way west on route 44 in Canton is Joe Pizza whose burger blows away 5 Guys, imo.

        2. I like Five Guys a lot. I get cravings for their spicy fries. And the grilled cheese with bacon and tomato has killed off many a hangover. Burgers are too big, though.

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            I go to school in South Carolina but im from CT so the 1st time ive tried 5 Guys was down there. I would have to say i liked it plus you get the free peanuts hey free anything these days are great i love the fries the burger is good but not sure if its worth the high price tag. I wish this place would run specials it would get more of my business cause i cant afford to spend over ten bucks and a cheeseburger fries and a drink at a fast food place.

            1. re: bmgsmg72

              While the fries at 5 Guys are definitely "to die for," I've never really understood the allure of the burgers, which are invariably very well done and dry. What is a bit misleading is that what they call a "little burger" is actually a very acceptable single burger while their "regular" burger is actually a double, so the fact is, you can eat for under $10 if you don't let their menu descriptions "coerce" you into buying more than you'd actually want to eat!

              1. re: lsnhc

                Yeah, I don't like the regular double at all. Just too beef heavy on the meat/bun/cheese ratio. Little is where it's at.

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                  Well i can get a double whopper for about 7 or so so thats why BK gets more of my busniess then 5 guys. A single burger just doesn't do it for me lol. 5 guys is real stupid not to run specials because in hard times thats what people look for. One by my school in South Carolina went out of Business for this very reason.

                  1. re: bmgsmg72

                    Five Guys in Orange, bad location in a dead shopping center. HIGH Prices, poor quality help. BUT great Fries, OK Burgers, BUT don't order their hot dog, they are extra salty.

                    I used to work for the company that did the compliance checks on the 5 GUYS franchisees, and this branch rec'd consistently low marks.

                    1. re: bagelman01

                      I really like the Five Guys bacon cheese dog. They use Hebrew National hot dogs, I actually called to ask because I like them so much. They said it's just the regular all beef variety.

                      1. re: ratbuddy

                        Unfortunately, while the hamburger meat is never frozen, some locations freeze the hot dogs. This intensifies the salty taste