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Sandwich-Salad in B'sda

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Does anyone know a good sandwich-salad place in Bethesda area that is not a chain. Is there a good independent place for someone trying to avoid Pot Belly/Subway etc.

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  1. There really are plenty of places-just walk around and see what strikes your fancy. Though it is not strictly sandwich I like Raku for lunch. Their lunch boxes are great. Black Market Bistro, is great, a bit pricey, and in Garret Park, Lilit is very good less pricey...

    1. used to pick up here often: http://www.bradleyfood.com/sandwch.html

      1. Louisiana Express has decent po boys.

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          what about Brown Bag?


        2. Marvelous Market and Bethesda Bagels on Bethesda Ave.

          1. Cornucopia at 8102 Norfolk Ave. and Vace at 4705 Miller Ave are both good for Italian sandwiches.