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Sushi Recs for a Boozy, Boisterous 30th B-Day?

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This is one of those topics that seem to pop up every week on this board, yet as I sift through the responses, answers aren't coming to me. Too many choices? I don't know.

Here's the haps:

Charlotte, Carrie, Samantha, and Miranda will be celebrating Samantha's 30th birthday in the Hollywood area this week (specifically, they are in the Hollywood and Highland area). They know they want sushi, but they aren't sure where. Some guidelines:

*Food should be above average, but doesn't have to be at 'Hound-ish DEFCON 5 quality. Menu should be balanced between excellent sushi and cooked dishes...

*Per person price range should be up to $75. Any more, and Charlotte will have to foot the bill.

*No classy, quiet Japanese joints. As much as our girls like those places, Samantha and her friends will need to let loose and be a little rowdy. Ditto for the uber-trendy joints. Being seen is not a priority for these ladies. The vibe should be, above all, fun, and upscale without being pretentious or haughty.

*As well as being Chowhounds, our girls are also Boozehounds. Samantha, in particular, may need to have sake bombs. Need I say more?

As always, thanks in advance, Chowhounds. : )

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  1. Within blocks of Hollywood and Highland, you could go to brand spanking new and very hip Katsuya. Geisha House is also in your immediate vicinity. I prefer the food at Katsuya (I have eaten at the Brentwood location many times) and they have excellent cocktails too. Both are fun for group nights out.

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      I gotta agree with Katsuya, too. Sexy interior, brand spankin' new Philippe Starck-designed interior. There's the new S Bar right next door on Vine, too, if you want to keep the party rolling at Hollywood and Vine instead of Hollywood and Highland.

      1. re: Woolsey

        ad it will easly go way above $75 per person in order to have "boozy" an boisterous fun

        1. re: Diana

          It won't. It's not all that expensive. $75pp will definitely get them food and more than a few cocktails each (assuming that the prices are the same as the Brentwood location). Seems like the girls won't be ordering a ton of food anyway, and mostly focusing on the partying.

    2. I agree that Katsuya Hollywood is probably your best bet for a trendy sushi & cocktails joint for your Sex&theCity girls.

      Other possibilities include Geisha House & Koji's (the latter has more emphasis on shabu shabu dishes, but have a good amount of sushi rolls too) -- I wouldn't consider the food "above average" at either but they're passable for what they are (modernized sushi rolls, Americanized japanese food) and they're definitely safe bets for people who squirm at the notion of just raw fish.

      ~H.C. (I've also reviewed Geisha House a while back in my blog below)

      1. Well, theres always Tokyo Delve's in North Hollywood. Not the most fabulous sushi, but it is definitely a sake bomb place with noise and rowdiness.


        Frankly, those who are boozehounds don't sweat food quality as much after a few rounds.

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          Secnd Delve's. Great for a loud party group

          1. re: Diana

            Disagree. Food and alcohol is bad, but the scene is worse - unless you bring your own big group with you.

          2. Katana really is your best choice...... I am a sushi snob, but i think the sushi is decent, but the robata is the true star there. Great crowd place, as this place is ROARING come 9:00pm...... Katsuya will take your bill over $100 in a heartbeat unless you are looking to eat some edamame, a couple of dishes, and cocktails.....

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              Second Katana.

              Or, the new Kumo!!!

              The other sceney options are of course Koi, Yamashiro, Geisha House, Blowfish, or Chaya.

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                Maybe this is finally the time to recommend Takami?


                1. re: Emme

                  yep, katana and blowfish were the first two that came to my mind.

                  and koi is perhaps a tiny bit more pretentious, but would still be a good option.

                  happy 30th to samantha!

              2. What about Sushi Ike? Is it not fun and upscale enough? I've only eaten there for lunch, so I am making a recommendation without knowing much about the dinner scene.

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                  not boisterous enough, I'd think.

                2. Check out Sushi on Sunset.

                  1. I'm a big fan of Sake House Miro on La Brea just south of 8th.

                    Their back room can be a ton of fun, especially if you reserve it for a party. Its got a great setting (the back room has been designed to resemble a back alley, complete with piles of sake cases and even laundry hanging out a faux window) and their food is very good. The sushi isn't the best in the city, but the variety of dishes on the menu more than makes up for any lack of craftsmanship - or imperfect rice.

                    You'll find both unique and traditional japanese food ranging from typical stuff like new-school tempura items and inventive rolls to standard street fare like Takoyaki, japanese-style fried chicken, and a nice selection of grilled junk.

                    Beer and sake are plentiful - this, combined with grub should fit well within your budget.

                    I've been there three times, with just one other person, when the back room erupted into an impromtu party of close to 20 complete strangers. SAKE BOMBS A PLENTY!