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Best Glatt Kosher Butcher in the U.S.?

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The best Glatt Kosher butchers I have been to are Tibor's (Cleveland) and Wasserman & Lemberger (Baltimore). My friend from Chicago swears by Romanian. What do the readers think?

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  1. Park East is supposedly the tops in NYC.

    1. I will back you friend about Romanian's - IMHO the best butcher I have been to -

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        I am backing Romanians on this one. Outstanding Veal Chops.

      2. I would say Park East, although I haven't bought anything from Le Marais' shop, which looks great.

        1. i think as far as butchers go i would say the three that you have listed are the top three that i can think of in this country, if pearls of toronto is still arouns then they deserve a place too

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            "Perl's" had a fire over a year ago and has not re-opened on the same scale. They now operate a small, self-service butcher, with a different Hashgacha than everyone else (don't get me started!). I think the best kosher meat in Toronto is from Hartman's and Toronto Kosher is second. In my mind, they are both superior to Perl's and always have been and they are both lovely to deal with when making special orders, etc.

          2. I don't know if they are Glatt or Not but I liked Gordon and Alperin when I lived in MA

            Also in Orlando ( again not sure if they are Glatt ) is Amira's in Altamonte

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              I believe Gordon and Alperin is Glatt

            2. Well, I haven't been to a ton of kosher butchers, but I certainly know my food and Tibor's is a pretty solid choice. It's not a big store, but they are clever about using the space well. The meat always looks fresh, the place is CLEAN, and they have just about anything you could want as far as meat products go. Where Tibor's really shines above other butchers is in the quality of prepared foods and house-smoked meats. The prepared foods are all authentic and excellent, especially the various schnitzels and the stuffed cabbage they offer. But the number one thing is the smoked meats. The smoked Turkey is outstanding, but the various homemade sausages and hotdogs are off the charts -- better than anything else out there (and I have tried them all). I think he is starting to sell his products outside of Cleveland, which is good because frummies should eat well too!