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Oct 21, 2007 10:29 PM

Amazing lunchbox lunch ideas?

I'm the proud owner of a picky eating 2 year old. I try to make his lunches appealing both visually and of course, gastronomically however, I am restricted by the Lunch Nazi's strict lunch guidelines (a starch, a protein, two veggies or fruits).

Do you have any packed lunch ideas that might be fun for me to make and him to eat?

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  1. I highly recommend Googling "bento lunch" or something similar - the keyword you're looking for is Bento. The bento lunch style is fantastic, healthy, and great, particularly, for kids.

    This lovely lady has a blog about the bento lunch she packs daily for her son in preschool. Great ideas of what to pack, and lots of tips on how to make packing a lunch even more convenient. I stumbled across her blog a few months back, and it singlehandedly inspired me to start packing my lunch in a similar fashion.

    1. gosh, don't I wish. I am the proud owner of a particular, but not picky twenty-eight year-old boyfriend who needs to have packed lunches.

      Good luck.

      You know, i will tell you that I hosted a grown-up tea party themed bachelorette party this summer, and served different sandwiches and Long Island Iced Teas. I had all kind of gourmet things, and people liked everything, but the thing that most impressed the ladies was the peanut butter and jelly sandwich platter. They were all shaped like moons and stars, made with cookie cutters. This was what my mom made me when I was in preschool to get me to eat my lunch. It's simple, it's fun, and it's not something a kid should eat every day, but it's definitely something to have in your back pocket if you don't already.

      1. This isn't much, but somehow a plain cheese sandwich is much more exciting to my five-year-old when it's a "cheese roll-up." Literally, all I do is roll up a piece of cheese in a slice of (crustless) whole wheat bread and all of a sudden - it's wow! Go fig.

        On the fruit front, dried cranberries mixed with dried pineapple beats out a banana every time. Since I'm out of pineapple I'll have to see what else is a "child approved" go-with for cranberries.

        1. Will he eat a tortilla or lavash bread roll up? You can get the lavash in different colors, add some meat and cream cheese, lettuce, shredded veggies, etc.