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Oct 21, 2007 09:43 PM

Billy Crews Sings The Blues

Once a true gem, Billy Crews is Santa Theresa, New Mexico seems to have become a tired listless mess. Most every appetizer and entree were both boring AND over-spiced but my companions' Tilapia may have the worst entree I have EVER tasted in ANY restaurant ANYWHERE. To add insult to injury, the waiter told us that this was the third Tilapia to be returned that evening and that perhaps it was a "bad pan". For a chef to let a dish so revoltingly salty and over-spiced out of his kitchen 3 times, speaks of deep troubling problems. On the way to our table, our hostess stepped over a large piece of cellophane between tables. As we left, it was still there. Billy Crews is far from almost everything in El Paso so the distance matters and with it clearly in free-fall, I would wonder how the mighty could have fallen so far so fast. Empty on a Saturday night, I only wish another Chowhound could have told me how awful Billy Crews has become. With gas costly and so many great steakhouses all over El Paso, Billy Crews needs a change and soon, as they wasted our evening in many ways!

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  1. I am shocked to read your post. I had dinner there on Thursday night and it was fabulous.

    What time did you dine? When I arrived at 7pm for a wine tasting, the restaurant was empty, by 8pm, the restaurant was FULL.

    1. I've enjoyed dining at Billy Crews for over 25 years and have never come away with the experience that the OP came away with. On the contrary, service and food are consistently top notch and the drive is pleasant no matter the cost of gas. Not every restaurant is on top of it's game every night so to paint Billy Crews with such a broad brush as "singing the blues" is a little over the top. The OP's diatribe was amusing though.