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Oct 21, 2007 09:03 PM

Columbian food

I recently ate at El Llano on Lincoln, near Irving Park, and loved their chicken lunch special and empanadas (what a value too!). Can anyone recommend another Columbian restaurant in the city since I am now a big fan of this cuisine. Thanks in advance.

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  1. Try La Fonda on Broadway. Good empanadas and several flavorful Colombian specialties:

    La Fonda Latino Grille :
    5350 N Broadway St
    Chicago, IL 60640

    (773) 271-3935


    1. You could try "The Flying Chicken" on Lincoln Ave., between Addison and Irving Park.

      1. Las Tablas for great Churrasco style chicken and beef. Two locations: One on Lincoln North of Diversey and the other just west of the Kennedy on Irving Park Road.

        El Llano has a second location on Montrose just east of Kedzie. I think it's called La Brasa. The mesquite roasted chicken and empanadas are quite good although a bit inconsistent at times.

        The Flying Chicken on Lincoln Avenue just north of Grace/Trader Joe's has excellent arepas (corn cakes filled with a light cheese), very good arroz con pollo (chiken, rice, and vetggies cooked together), topnotch empanadas and spit roasted mesquite chicken, churrasco style chicken and beef too.

        Pueblito Viejo on Lincoln Avenue north of Bryn Mawr is considerd by most Columbians to be the best and most authentic Columian food. I prefer La Fonda on north Broadway. Live music too.