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Oct 21, 2007 09:00 PM

Post-opera booze/snack suggestions

I've got a friend coming into town for the Sunday opera atelier matinee at the elgin. Looking to go somewhere afterward where we can feel comfortable noshing/boozing in our opera duds without breaking the bank. Doesn't need to be in the immediate vicinity of the theatre.

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  1. Never been, but it's in the vicinity; how about the Superior restaurant on Yonge? Also, City Grill in the Eatons Centre isn't too bad and has some lighter fare. There's actually a wealth of restaurants in the area. You shouldn't have a problem finding some place. Enjoy the opera; nice to hear from another opera buff.

    1. Since you said it doesn't have to be in the immediate vicinity, I would recommend going south to JK Wine Bar and sit at the bar. Perfect for noshing/boozing.
      Another option, but gets mixed reviews, is Caren's Wine Bar in Yorkville.
      Yes, there are many places in the area, but most are mediocre tourist traps. I've tried City Grill out of convenience a couple times and have been disappointed both times.
      I have not been to Superior, but it doesn't sound like the kind of place you are looking for, from what I've heard about the place.

      1. Superior is OK, but nothing special, and I'm not certain whether it's open on Sundays. I've seen everything from jeans to suits in there, so sartorially, you'd be fine. JKWB is a good suggestion. What about that Portuguese place on Elm St? I've never been, but I think that it had some connection to Chiado (a good thing). Is it still there? If it is, it would be easy striking distance for you.

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          I think the place you're thinking of is called Adega. Very good food, great atmosphere. Not sure if I've seen them open on a Sunday.

        2. The Bier Market:

          Or go to Richtree for food, then the Irish pub east side of Bier Market for drinks.

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          1. re: chutchut

            Please pass on biermarkt. So-so food in a meat market atmosphere. Definitely not the experience you're looking for after an opera. And Richtree's glorified cafeteria service is not fitting either.

            I would stick with pescatarian's JKWB suggestionAdega is lovely, especially if you can get one of the semi-circle booths. But it is more of a "full-scale dinner" type place -- though I can't tell if you're looking for dinner or just cocktails and apps.

            I normally wouldn't recommend Rosewater Supper Club for dinner, but the lounge area is gorgeous and very apropos for cocktails and nibbles after the opera. And it's reasonably close to the Elgin.

            1. re: TorontoJo

              I just checked the menu of JKWB: The price looks ok. I thought that JKWB is an expensive place. I would definitely give it a try soon.

          2. Go to Beerbistro, King E of Yonge. Definitely better than Bier Markt.