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Apr 19, 2006 02:27 AM

need a chinese banquet restaurant in the city (kirin or mayflower?)

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i've got a party of about 15 for next sat night. looking for something similar to koi palace (seafood, selection, quality) but not necessarily as expensive.

anyone have opinions on kirin or mayflower on geary and 27th? i've heard both are good and that's the price range i'm going for. and if you think these are good, any recommended dishes to get?

any others?

thanks hounds! =)

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  1. kirin is great for the price, but it can't hold a candle to Koi (but is much much cheaper)

    1. I don't know if Mayflower is anywhere near its former glory, but 10 or 12 years ago it was at the top of the heap.

      Can't get myself to go to a restaurant named "Kirin" because of the name.


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      1. There really isn't anything like Koi Palace in the city. Have you checked out Parc Hong Kong?

        1. R&G Lounge is another possibility.

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            Just went to a lovely banquet (40 guests) at R&G this weekend - food was excellent and everything came out hot - Wintermelon soup with 8 treasures was the standout! And they have a room large enough for 16 people - one huge round table.

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              We've had a chowdown in the 16-seater. I attended a banquet on Sunday at R&G. We also had the winter melon soup. I counted 10 treasures. (vbg)

              Image of bowl of winter melon soup -

              1. re: Melanie Wong

                yum... the soup looks so good. looks like R&G's version is more complex than kirin's.

                r&g was a consideration for my bday dinner (original post above) but we decided on kirin since it was so close to my friend's place for the afterparty.

                is r&g more pricy than kirin in terms of banquet menus?

                1. re: lawrence

                  Yes, R&G Lounge is more expensive than Kirin on a dish-to-dish basis. Kirin can also be more economical because I would tend to not order as expensive seafood.

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                  just curious but were you at the Tom party as well???!

                  1. re: chewonthis

                    Yes, I was. Here's the report -
                    Obviously, you're not one of my cousins . . . (g)

            2. I can speak favorally about either one and you won't go wrong with whichever restaurant you go to.

              We went to Mayflower earlier this month and had a really good meal - they had this lobster dish which is coated with the preserved duck egg that was excellent (they explained that it was the newest dish from Hong Kong). Also try the lotus rice dish which my two nieces (ages 2 & 4) really loved. The manager there is either Albert or Alfred who is very helpful. I think that they are also affliated with Hong Kong Flower Lounge in Millbrae.

              As for Kirin, my family has gone to this restaurant for years and they have always been very consistently good and the staff very friendly. They have minced squad with lettuce, the steamed minced pork dish with dried fish, braised rock cod, etc. The prices will be slightly more reasonable than Mayflower. The owner/manager Henry and staff are all great.

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              1. re: cookiedsf

                Some of the former employees of Hong Kong Flower Lounge started Mayflower. Don't think there's any other ties between the two.