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Anyone else LOVE Nigella?

I just have to say, when Nigella Lawson came back to FN this year with her "new" show. I was so very excited. AND now that she has yet another one (Nigella "express" or Pronto?) something like that, I'm doubly excited. I absolutely love watching her cook. She is a real person, cooking real food, and I find that her descriptions just make me hungry. I have all of her cookbooks, and even though most of her recipes are decidedly "english", they are so good. It is just so refreshing not to see tons of cleavage and stick thin perfect people cooking food that you know they never eat. She really seems to enjoy her food. I LOVE IT

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  1. I have watched her a number of times and INHO she is not a cook...she has a "cooking show" and she stages stuff just like a number of other "pseudo-cooks"...put her in a real kitchen and she would be DOA....

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      If it weren't for that "pseudo cook" my Christmas dinner would not have the best roast potatoes ever or brussels sprouts that everyone devours. Nor would there be the lovely cranberry pudding in the week before Christmas. My son's face would not light up at the sight of her brownies and chocolate cloud cake. Many, many wonderful dinners made from the pages of her cookbooks would not have happeed.

      1. re: Pollo

        What would be a "real kitchen?" She's a home cook, and has always presented herself as such. I'm also curious about what defines a "pseudo-cook."

        Insofar as being a "cook" she takes ingredients in a raw state, applies heat and then serves the food to eat. I find her recipes to be accessible and often interesting and creative. If I like the basic ingredients to begin with, I almost always find them tasty. I like her books better than the shows that have been on the Food Network.

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          Like I said before, she is no cook...not even a "home cook"....if you take all her staff and assistants she would burn water....

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            I think you would find that you are wrong in your assessment of her. Despite the fact that she is married to an incredibly rich advertising mogul, she still chooses to work at what she likes doing.

            Does the fact that she has household help mean that she can't cook? What are your issues with her?

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              What have you seen on the shows you've watched that lead you to that conclusion?

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            Nigella is more of the "giggle and jiggle" set that Food Entertainment Network has embraced.

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              I don't think of Nigella as a giggly person. She's more jiggle and moan, if you ask me. She seems to enjoy food and not mind expressing her enjoyment. It's a little over the top, but it's allright by me. That photo of her licking a spatula in which one was it, Nigella Feasts?, that sort of clued me in to her persona. Not my favorite, but she's a real-ish person at least, and doesn't act like she has pudding for a brain.

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                But at the end of the day she produces real food. I also like the fact that she doesn't dumb it down.

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                Except for the fact that she doesnt make up words that don't exist, she is literate, a writer, interesting, brilliant in fact - LOVES HER FAMILY and is not full of herself. I love this woman for her style and her food and for her perseverance that got her through hell.

            2. I don't cook myself (except for hot dogs) but I enjoy watching the cooks on FN. I agree with you regarding Nigella being a real person. She's not over the the top with phony enthusiasm and she does genuinely seem to enjoy her food. And, being a guy, I love watching her. Love the accent and love women who have some meat on them and don't care that they aren't stick thin.

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                I can do without that "yumm-o" girl, but Nigella is incredible. I love to watch her cook and eat. I feel as if I am right there in the kitchen with her. When she takes a generous mouthfull of whatever she has just prepared, that "Mmmmm" sounds like someone is kissing her neck. No wonder she coined the term "Gastroporn". We are of a similar age and body type, so I find myself relating to her on many levels.

                Pollo, you could not be more wrong about her. She does not offer herself as a chef, or a cook, but a professional eater, who enjoys feeding and nurturing others. Read the introduction to any of her cookbooks, and you'll understand.

              2. I watched her show last Saturday the one where she made a chicken cacciatore and lemon mushroom pasta. Although her version is pretty different from mine, I'll probably try it. I think she has a way with making people feel comfortable and at ease, and saying not to be afraid to try. I think some of the food she makes is pretty simple and I like that.
                There are alot of people that are not trying and want to because they are intimidated by the really high end recipes, so they turn to prepared foods. She is showing new home cooks that not everything needs to come out of a box. How to replace a product such as Hamburger Helper or those types of meals. I've always thought it was so much better to open a bag of pasta and create a sauce with fresh ingredients herbs and vegetables and that's what I get from her.

                I enjoy watching her, I feel relaxed and don't feel like I need to make it in 30 minutes with rapid fire instructions being barked out at me. I don't get the impression that she is trying to come off as "papered" chef at all or see that she is being pretentious.
                Undoubtedly she is a very beautiful woman and mother, sending the message that we can have fun with our children, cook and look lovely too. She seems to be very comfortable with herself, that in itself is refreshing for me.

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                1. re: chef chicklet

                  I also enjoy watching Nigella and try to catch her show whenever I can. (That said, I made that Lemon-Thyme Mushroom Linguine after seeing it on the show you mention... awful.) I think it's the Anglophile in me that prefers Nigella, Jamie Oliver, etc. over American cooking shows.

                  1. re: jim1126

                    Well that's good to know. I can certainly make a lemon pasta ( did chicken piccata last night.) but I get so agrivated when "their" recipes don't work.
                    Thanks for reporting back. What a disappointment.

                    Can you describe the failure? Let's say you are at the judging table, what exactly was the problem? Seasoning? Sauce failure? Do you think you could improve it.
                    The thought of lemon, thyme,mushroom and linguine sounds very simple how could she mess it up?

                    I hate that when that happens!

                2. I watched her show yesterday morning. At the very end, just as the credits were rolling, she snuck into a dark kitchen, opened the fridge and got what looked like a pice of proscuitto which she wrapped around what looked like a pork chop and stood at the fridge eating it. Hilarious. You have to really love food to pull a stunt like that. Did anyone see that?

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                  1. re: southernitalian

                    No I missed that but most of the time she does things like we all do when we are enjoying a quiet moment all to ourselves with our head stuck inside the fridge.

                  2. She's one of my favorites, and I concur with many of the comments already posted here. I agree with Pollo in that she'd probably crash and burn in a restaurant kitchen, BUT she's not a restaurant chef nor presents herself as such; she's a woman who knows food and has some great ideas for the home cook. I watch her because she presents good, honest, well-made and lovingly prepared food out of her home, and inspires me to do the same. While I do like watching and get inspired by the "pros" (mario, flay, etc.), I find folks like Nigella, Ina, and to some extent Giada, inspiring on a more down-to-earth level.

                    I also love how Nigella makes such simple things rarely without short cuts a la Sandra Lee. And her food always looks so appetizing. I'd love to be one of her dinner guests!

                    1. Man, that English accents applied to her mediterranean style in food is just unique. I love her pronunciation of 'shallots'. Anyhow....yes, she does not have knife skills, we will never see her on iron chef and probably she's never been a line cook. Who cares ? Respect Nigella.

                      1. I love her completely. Sure, she's not a restaurant chef, but who cares? She doesn't pretend to be, and she just cooks for the home cook, and she has (mostly) great recipes, and I love the way that she talks about food.

                        1. I do, I do! She is just so lovely and relaxing to watch. I also love that she is actually shaped like a real woman. She has hips and everything! Such a rarity in TV these days. I get sick of watching these skinny girls cook and act like they eat everything (not). Ina is another fave for this reason, but Nigella is the all time best!

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                            You can claim someone's not a 'chef' but you have no right to say someone's not a cook... She is, and is in a class of her own... I discovered her kinda recently, and I'm hooked and blown away... Speaking as a straight male 'cook' of course...

                            1. re: Mild Bill

                              If you like Nigella's cooking, you'll probably enjoy Nigel Slater's books as well - Appetite, Real Food and Kitchen Diaries are pretty terrific.

                          2. TT likes her. It's real food and there's nothing "chef-ey" about her. She's like a British Ina Garton. Now Ina is not a chef, but she can cook.


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                            1. re: TexasToast

                              That is no accident. Nigella's producer and Ina's producer are one and the same, and Ina's show is deliberately patterned after Nigella's (although Ina features her friends a bit more, where on Nigella's they're more like extras.)

                              I like Nigella a lot. I have had mixed success with her recipes, and I don't like spicy food as much as she does. She also uses far more heavy cream than I could ever dare. But I love her pantry, love her messy freezer, and always enjoy the show.

                              1. re: brendastarlet

                                Ina's brilliaint!

                                "Half a cup of sugar, half a pound of butter, half a cup of heavy cream, three tablespoons of vanilla--use GOOD vanilla--, how bad that THAT be?"


                                1. re: TexasToast

                                  Not too sure. I am trying desparately not to look like Ina.

                            2. I love her. She is so down to earth and well, natural. If I were a guy, I would marry her - or at least try to.

                              So, she's not a professional chef, she's never ever passed herself off as one. She is a home cook, who LOVES, no ADORES food, and boy does it show. If you buy any of her books, they just make sense. She uses words that we all think of, but wouldn't dare use in a cooking. In a rib recipe she says to squidge everything together in a ziploc. Well, yeah, that's what you do, squidge.

                              I wish more TV cooks were like her - transparently passionate about the FOOD. Isn't that what cooking is all about? the FOOD????

                              She gets my vote.

                              1. To quote my Grandpa "Never trust a skinny cook."

                                Nigella is probably the only FN personality that has shown me food that I actually want to cook - her episode of Nigella feasts called "all spiced up" was amazing, I made the Chicken mughlai curry and the pomegranate raita and the basmati rice pilaf. All were easy and all were incredibly tasty and original.
                                I haven't read her books but I would love to when I can get my hands on them.
                                Her children are so adorably geeky! - She's had a sad life too, if you ever get a chance watch her bio story that FN showed. She's a tough cookie!

                                1. I have her Domestic Goddess cookbook and I like it a lot. Not only is it a pretty cookbook to shelve, it is yummy. I like her narration.

                                  Nigella is a very talented food writer. I like that she is not afraid to use her microwave to do some tasks. She's one of my favorites - and hardly a "pseudo cook."

                                  I think there may be a misconception that to be a chef you must work in a high end, fast paced restaurant. This isn't true at all.

                                  1. I have a huge girl-crush on her.

                                    1. If you have not yet got "Nigella Express" on your side of the pond, be prepared to be disappointed. Very disappointed.

                                      The woman, who has built her career as the "domestic goddess" will now have you believe that she's now no time to cook and eat. So it all has to be "express", so she can eat it on the bus. Come on.... were we born yesterday?

                                      Mind you, her mushroom "steak" sandwich is the business (from "How to Eat").

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                                      1. re: Brit on a Trip

                                        oh no! I am not wanting anymore short cuts, 30 minute meals, or a show that switches ingredients with packages. We all can do this. I hope she keeps it creative, I did like this last show and it was I believe "express" where she did the pasta dishes. They still looked good for new cooks or in a hurry. Simple and clean.
                                        Next thing I know someone's gonna try and tell me that there is "NO Santa Claus".

                                        1. re: Brit on a Trip

                                          Nigella Express has aired a couple of times here, and is going to air more regularly in a few weeks. Not sure how it will be but I still look forward to it.

                                          I just saw her BBC2 episode from last Monday (don't ask me how - lol). I enjoyed it quite a bit. I have to say the roasted red pepper hummous was a little weird. I can see using canned chickpeas because they are easier, but they simply don't make good hummous. Then she added massive amounts of paprika. WORST of all - she added a container of CREAM CHEESE! Yep, cream cheese. Dumping in the tub of Philadelphia just like they do it in the Mediterranean.

                                          Overall it was entertaining though and it's still significantly better than Sandra Lee and her shortcuts. Her Christmas tree (youtube it) has to be the worst.

                                          1. re: deibu

                                            Is that the one with the cocktail glasses?

                                          2. re: Brit on a Trip

                                            Just a note: in her interviews (I think I saw it on the FN bio) she states that the 'Domestic Goddess' title was supposed to be a joke, and she assumed that her readers would understand that b/c she is so obviously NOT into the whole 'Domestic Goddess' scene. As so many have already said, she's a real person cooking real food, she loves to eat and isn't afraid to show it, and she's all about making cooking accessible to the average home cookin' joe. And that's why I adore her. That and her accent and beautiful Anglicized way of describing her food.

                                            I don't think that the "Express" show was designed to make us think SHE is too busy to cook...my guess is that it was designed to target a growing segment of viewers: those who want to cook but think they don't have the time to do so. I haven't seen the show yet, but just from a marketing standpoint, it seems like a smart move to me: she keeps her original show and stays true to her personal style, and uses her new show to tweak her style and make it even more accessible to her viewers.

                                            1. re: Brit on a Trip

                                              I am *loving* the Express book. I've made about 6 things from it already (got it maybe a month ago), and all have been big hits in the house. I have a toddler, so keeping things simple is important (although I don't have, and am not interested in any Rachel Ray books - just me, not judging), and I also want things that are interesting and have lots of flavor. So far, everything has been a hit. Especially crazy about the spicy sausages over polenta with tomato sauce; the caramel croissant pudding was also a huge hit.

                                              1. re: LulusMom

                                                I like that book too. I made the chocolate-pistachio fudge and the spiced peaches for the Christmas hampers I made as gifts and they were a huge hit and so easy. Mind you, my colleagues did take the p**s a bit when I turned up for work with some of the fudge all done up in fancy cellophane bags a la Nigella. Apparently I'm a low-rent Domestic Goddess, lol.

                                                The spicy prawn and rocket pasta is also a favourite quick after-work meal.

                                            2. I like Nigella. I've been watching her shows since the early ones broadcast on BBC America. She was a breath of fresh air in that one felt that she was in her own real kitchen preparing real meals for real family and friends. That we saw her children scamper downstairs to breakfast, or her friends arriving for dinner, or she, herself, sitting on the kitchen floor in the dark eating the remaining bit of home made ice cream sandwich made the show quite homey. She takes dishes which at first glance look very complicated, and converts them into simple steps which serves to encourage the timid home cook. Good on her, I say. I wish other so-called TV celebrity chefs would take a lesson.

                                              1. She has a way with descriptive language that's just so lovely, intelligent and passionate.

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                                                  Speaking of which, there was a great Nigella parody in the New Yorker a few years ago. Loved the Summery Chinese Toboggan Salad. Strike your gong!

                                                2. I'm continuing to watch her "Express" programme over here and a thought has struck me. I'm wondering if she re-records some of the voice-over segments for the export version to the US. In last night's programme (which had a broadly Latin America theme) there seemed to be cutaway shots where this might be done (Sad as it may seem, I was looking out for it this week).

                                                  Can any of you hounds on the western side of the pond comment on this from previous series? I'm thinking, does she call it coriander or cilantro? Aubergine or eggplant? Rocket or arugula? Does she sound to you like she's speaking American English or British English?


                                                  (PS: it continues to be an exceptionally irritating series!)

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                                                  1. re: Brit on a Trip

                                                    I think she does, I've noticed that there is a mix of UK and US terms. Last week she said to use corn syrup if golden syrup couldn't be found. And I was squinting to see what kind of biscuits she was smashing up - her directions were 'any hard cookie'(!) Were they rich tea (it was the rocky road recipe)? I live in Bermuda and am familiar with both US and UK ingredients, but I think if I were in the US I'd be confused.

                                                    I continue to be fascinated by how irritating Brits find this series...

                                                    1. re: Athena

                                                      Athena - it isnt the food that's irritating in "Express"; it's the presentation.

                                                      She's always made full use of her simpering persona and, erm, fullsome frontage to try to attract a wide audience (including middle aged men like me :- ) . It's the "Domestic Goddess" persona who will spend hours baking cakes and who has stressed the need for families to eat together. What is irritating is that we are now supposed to accept that this was all nonsense and, really, she has no time for anything but "express" and the children eat their quick snacks in a break from doing their school homework. To use a Brit expression, she's now taking the piss.

                                                  2. i love her accent except one work that gets to me like scratching a blk board
                                                    when she says sauce pan she calls it a sauce pin or saucepin

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                                                    1. re: foodperv

                                                      It's a vaguely upper-middle class southern English accent. Not at all like most of us speak

                                                      1. re: Brit on a Trip

                                                        I have to admit, I love how English people have their regional accents just as Americans do. It is very interesting who comes from where and how they speak
                                                        Wasn't Nigella's dad a politician - Nigel Lawson, right?

                                                        1. re: stellamystar

                                                          Yes, he was Chancellor of the Exchequer in Thatcher's government in the 80s.

                                                    2. Early Nigella was great, but the latest stuff on FN is not. She's just phoning it in. I understand, but I'm not interested in watching.

                                                      1. I rarely watch her, but she seems to be all the rage in Europe. I use some of her recipes and they usually come out pretty good.
                                                        My mom tells me I look like her and should have a similar show :))))))))))))))))

                                                        1. I love her, her attitude towards food; and I am also a great fan of her writing. But as I was watching her new show, Nigella Express, something didn't seem right. First I thought I didn't like the fact that she was using too many shortcuts, but then it hit me: she somehow seemed a little bit more animated with her gestures and head movements. It felt odd. It felt oddly familiar.

                                                          I wondered... Did our lady accidentally swallow some Rachel Ray on her nighttime naughty fridge binges?

                                                          I want my Nigella back!

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                                                          1. re: emerilcantcook

                                                            swallowed some rachel ray lol lol lmao

                                                            1. re: emerilcantcook

                                                              It feels different to me too. I remember interviews during, I think, the Nigella Bites series, where members of her production crew described that Nigella didn't really use a script, pretty much just spoke extemporaneously.

                                                              This Express series doesn't sound or feel as natural to me as the earlier ones did. Maybe this production occurred during a more compressed period, she's receiving different direction or editing, or she's just not as in to it as she used to be.

                                                            2. i love nigella. initially i liked her cuz i thought she was very pretty and i loved the lighting and cinematography on her Nigella Bites show (which giada obviously copied...or i should say FN). then i bought some of her cookbooks and i have to admit my best dishes are from her recipes. and they're so simple and easy. she makes ME look like a domestic goddess (joke).

                                                                1. re: gloriousfood

                                                                  gloriousfood could you would you expand on that please

                                                                  1. re: foodperv

                                                                    I've only watched two of her shows, b/c that's all I could handle. Quite frankly, I found them to be dull! Maybe it had something to do with the pacing or maybe it was just those two particular episodes I caught, but I wasn't encouraged to watch more after that.

                                                                    Also, all that licking and innuendos or what-nots--please, spare me. It's a bit gross. And to be fair, I asked my husband to watch the episodes with me to get a male's perspective, and he didn't find that to be appealing either. As a comparison, I think about the hottest male chef I could think of--which would be Tyler Florence in my book--and I imagined him doing all of that licking and purring, and it just cracked me up. I know some people find this all to be sensual and I'm not knocking that--to each his/her own. But not me.

                                                                    But I do like her voice and accent.

                                                                    1. re: gloriousfood

                                                                      TT likes Tyler who is a total show off (but really nice in person). Nigella is just different, but her show's a lot less sexual than it used to be. I think Ina's a little more provocative these days.


                                                                      1. re: TexasToast

                                                                        Ina??? Okay, you have to tell me what's been happening. I haven't seen her show in a while.

                                                                        What was your experience with Tyler like in person. It's always good to hear that someone you admire turns out to be nice in real life.

                                                                        1. re: gloriousfood

                                                                          Interestingly enough, my husband has the hots for Ina. That whole comforting, nurturing thing mixed with her soothing voice. I take great comfort in this whenever I'm contemplating dessert!

                                                                          1. re: LulusMom

                                                                            The thing about Ina is that it's good, solid, quality food. Not to mention the fact that nearly all her recipes begin "half a cup of butter, half a cup of sugar, half a cup of rum, some good vanilla . . . how bad can THAT be?"


                                                                          2. re: gloriousfood

                                                                            For a guy who's supposedly a publicity hound, he seemed very uncomfortable but quite at ease while we chatted away, and very gracious (while girls came up and asked to have their picture taken)

                                                                            TT was in a "no-pictures" mood that day.


                                                                  2. I've been a Nigella proponent for many years on these boards. My first experience of her was through her books, which I think are excellent. Very well-written, and I'm totally on board with her food philosophy. I think she's done a wonderful job making home cooking with real food seem enjoyable and unintimidating.

                                                                    But I'm not a fan of her television persona. The old Nigella Bites was good, but in more recent shows, I think she's trying too hard to be the smiley, happy TV presenter, and it just doesn't look natural. It looks awkward and sometimes a little creepy. I actually had to stop watching the new Express series after about 3 episodes because it made me cringe. She's an extremely intelligent person, and she's beautiful enough that she doesn't need to dumb it down, so I wish she'd drop the bubbly routine.

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                                                                    1. re: Kagey

                                                                      I have to agree with you Kagey - there is just a little too much cheerfulness in some of the things she says in the new series, As much as I adore this woman, and I've even driven hours to meet her in person, Im a little put off by the obvious scripting,. And after watching last Sunday morning's Nigella Express I have to ask ... do they really want me to think that Nigella rides THE BUS to get around London? Next episode ... will she be eating her lunch while riding The Tube?

                                                                      1. re: Cheflambo

                                                                        Have you yet had the episode with her drinking soup in a taxi?

                                                                        What a farce!

                                                                      2. re: Kagey

                                                                        Okay, I think what Nigella is doing is doing her show ala the way the nitwits at foodnetwork want her to be, If you notice on Nigella Feasts when she would leave her home to go out anywhere she was running around Manhattan ( where FN lurks), thats was ridiculous, thankfully when Nigella Express came around she is happily back in London. I think they are trying to make her more like the faves old "Rub my Meat" Paula, "Yummo" RR and "Yes im Italian but my pronuciation of anything Italian makes people cringe" Giada , Im Italian and the last thing I want is to have Italian food everyday and to listen to her butcher the italian language!

                                                                        Kagey, go back and watch more then three episodes, I never saw her as acting unatural or creepy to me who makes me change the channel when they come on is Sandra ( Mmmmm Kwanzaa Cake) Lee. Now as for the show Nigella Express as a professional chef I was a bit concerned she might be going too RR ish, but she's not her food is very simple uses fresh ingreidients and some ingenious short cuts ( the onion confit for one) and very very tasty

                                                                        I do think she is almost too good for FN, ( here is when I turn into a snob) I think FN has really turned into a network for middle america (red states) reality tv crazed competition hungry clowns, That ridiculous "challenge" show, Bobby Flay and his humiliating Throw downs,( this man shouldnt have to do this nonsense and now they have him hosting that stupid "Next Food Nitwit Star" show), Iron Chef America still cant hold up to the Original Japanese version ( thankfully now shown on Fine Living Channel)

                                                                        I digress sorry but FN seems to have really dumbed down its line-up Its sad that they get rid of good shows like Molto Mario and poor Emril who really put that place on the map. But I gather they were not as "exciting and family fun" as some of the shows now presented, that seem to be constantly pushed in our face ( Anything with Paula Dean and her constant cackle!) now as for the bus stuff and soup in a cab, who cares stick to what matters and thats what she cooks and what she cooks is always very easy and delicious

                                                                      3. For those of you who enjoy Nigella's cookbooks, you may also like Tasmin Day-Lewis. She has a similar writing style, witty and literary.

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                                                                        1. re: WCchopper

                                                                          Nice to know thanks I have heard of her , but I have not heard of her style, thanks I will check her out

                                                                        2. You can tell she was a food writer - lovely, eloquent language. I do not watch her for her recipes (WAYYYYY too simple and basic and common) but do like her personality. I also enjoy many other British food shows (i.e. "Jamie at Home"). Maybe it is because I have been to the UK many times and love it so very much. It is gratifying to see someone lick out the bowl at the end of the episode as I do! :)

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                                                                          1. re: chefathome

                                                                            As a professional chef sometimes "simple basic and common" is more gratifying then say something like coquille st jacques, especially when im at home, after speding 12 hours at work, I want simplicity and flavor and that what I have always gotten from her food

                                                                            Also, simple can always be elegant

                                                                            1. re: brycat

                                                                              True - I am a professional chef as well and definitely agree that simple and common can be great but it is not the way I think sometimes. My mind often tends to be more scientific. Believe me, I understand that it is important to let the ingredients shine through, etc. etc. Many of the best recipes are those that are simple. You are so right that simple can be elegant. I totally get that and agree with you 100%.

                                                                              Perhaps it is because I teach cooking classes and have to constantly come up with creative and varied things! I think that is why I sort of prefer more technical shows and those based on skill and unique ingredients. Clients are continually asking for new things and so I need to stay on top of trends (as you definitely would as well) I also do home catering and therefore my mind is going all over the place... :)

                                                                              1. re: chefathome

                                                                                You know I also prefer more techical shows myself, sadly we are seeing less and less of that on FN. They seem to want to promote more sensationalism then the "how to's and what is in it" of preparing a meal, I miss Mario and Ming Tsai, Sara Moulton, Emril and his Essence show, a few others that have now sadly gone the way of the Dodo and we are left with well ....I dont think I have to tell you

                                                                                One of my favorites is not even on FN , and thats Kylie Kwong, I hear she is making a new series and her last one on Simply Magic Simple Chinese cooking ,was wonderful, part travel log and part cooking show. and her Simple Chinese Cooking is one of my most used and incredibly dirty ( from many uses) cookbook.

                                                                                FN could use someone like her yet I have a feeling they would want to dumb her down so she appeals to the american "Red States" Maybe its best she stay on the discovery home channel.

                                                                                1. re: brycat

                                                                                  I agree - there are far less enjoyable shows on FN this past while. I live in Canada and so we miss a lot of shows others are seeing. We used to get a show called "Cook Like a Chef" and I loved it. It was purely instructional without all the unnecessary drama so many shows seem to feel they need. We used to get Kylie Kwong but maybe we weren't ready for her as her show was quickly yanked, unfortunately. Do you get Anna Olson (pastry chef) or Michael Smith (chef) shows? They are Canadian and great - again, no drama or extra stuff. Just food.

                                                                                  Just give us something where we can learn something new and challenging. I want something new and different and thought provoking and NOT DUMBED DOWN!! What a turn off.

                                                                                  1. re: chefathome

                                                                                    Hey there is NOTHING wrong with getting roasted chicken from your local market, at least its a more healthy alternative to fast food, and there have been times after a very very long day in the kitchen the last thing I want to do is cook something when the first thing I want to do when I get home is EAT so those roasted birds and a fresh green salad and some good sourdough bread and butter make a really nice quick healthy alternative. But then alot of those same supermarket shoppers would just as soon buy some big frozen nonsense in stead and feed that to the family over and over again!!.

                                                                                    ( but there are the times when only a big bowl of cold cereal will do , but I digress =) )

                                                                                    Now as for those chef Anna Olson and Michael Smith ( is he the guy that did the show that is actually your CHOW name and is it YOU???) if it is, I liked that show, he would cook some really lovely things for his family, he would come on right before Kylie and his food was delicious I would tivo Kylie and get about the last 8 min of it he would work out of his beautiful house?

                                                                                    I guess I just always prefer the more instructional programs and with the right personality, it makes for an interesting show.

                                                                                    It is just dumbing down in general, yet for some reason they seem to do many of these challenges and road shows from parts of the country where I can see alot of those people watching Aunt Sandy with a big bag of Pork Rinds or Cheeto's and passing the two liter bottle of Dr Pepper around.

                                                                                    1. re: brycat

                                                                                      It's funny but I picked "chef at home" for my cooking classes and business cards about two years before that show! I met Michael Smith a couple of years ago and he is very, very down to earth and normal. So great to talk to!

                                                                                      1. re: chefathome

                                                                                        Its a good name and good show and he seemed like a very down to earth chef who knows his food.

                                                                                  2. re: brycat

                                                                                    It most certainly is not just dumbing down for the American "red states" - the blue states have plenty of people who are enamoured of RR and the like and can't cook either. I'm in Massachusetts, and there are plenty of people I meet in grocery stores who haven't got a clue as to how to use a cookbook or put together a meal - it's easier for them to just buy a roast chicken and already prepared sides and call it "dinner" than it is to cook. Then again, I also have many friends locally who cook and are very good at it.

                                                                                    It's just dumbing down in general.

                                                                            2. Love ....Nigella..her style...have read all of her cookbooks

                                                                              Her shrimp (prawn) fritters are so good as is her recipe for Chocolate Pistachio Fudge.
                                                                              I made a few batches as little Thank-you's and they were a huge hit!

                                                                              1 Reply
                                                                              1. re: easily amused

                                                                                Those are good and that fudge is a good gift, my sister mom-in-law has had me make her Anglo-Italian Trifle more then a few times and one time in lieu of her birthday cake. she wont make it herself and she even bought a trifle bowl and gave it to me just when I make it

                                                                              2. Who needs cleavage when you've got boobs out to the max? This woman isn't even a decent home cook. There is nothing she cooks that I want to make.

                                                                                1 Reply
                                                                                1. re: pikawicca

                                                                                  Who's food DO you like to cook? and who was talking about her breasts??

                                                                                2. for you nigella fans: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/...

                                                                                  her latest show is too choppily edited, with ridiculous food close-ups that don't make sense. editing needs to be improved. currently, it gives me a headache.

                                                                                  i like nigella, and she makes food i'd like to try.

                                                                                  2 Replies
                                                                                  1. re: alkapal

                                                                                    Thanks for the link, Alkapal -- Nigella looks great -- fabulous dress -- but what happened to her hair?? These photos must have eben taken late in the evening. She looks like she is merely tolerating Lilly Allen (like all the rest of us!)

                                                                                    1. re: Cheflambo

                                                                                      strange, that link's website changed photo order. also, nigella had more photos, including by herself.

                                                                                  2. I adore Nigella. Her Nigella Bites show is what got me into food and cooking and her Domestic Goddess cookbook was my first cookbook that I bought on my own. Before Nigella, I thought cooking was left to the old house fraus and since I am a fully evolved modern woman I wanted nothing to do with cooking :) Watching Nigella made me realize that cooking is not a chore. It is a really enjoyable experience that brings people together. She loves food, loves cooking, loves eating. Its inspiring. Love her!

                                                                                    1. I haven't had much opportunity to see Nigella on TV, but I have truly enjoyed what little I have seen. I recently purchased her How to be a Domestic Goddess cookbook, and I can't remember a cookbook I enjoyed reading as much as this one. Her use of language is fantastic and sensual with descriptions that make everything sound delicious. Now I want to seek out her show!