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Oct 21, 2007 08:30 PM

A good place for a 15-person party?

Hi everyone,

This Saturday is my 21st birthday, and my parents are coming to town. I absolutely love good food and drink, and am looking forward to my parents' present: namely, that they will take me and my college roommates out for dinner and drinks. Unfortunately, that makes a party of 15 people, including myself and my parents, which is a bit difficult. They'd like to pay, but are concerned about the tab, especially with people drinking. Can you good folks recommend a place that has the following:

1. The ability to accommodate a group of 15 people on a Saturday night
2. Reasonably priced, especiallly when it comes to wine list and/or drinks (it would be especially great if anyone knows of a place that's BYOB, or has a reasonable corkage fee)
3. Great food! I like New American, Italian, and seafood best, but I'm willing to consider just about anything. We're adventurous eaters.
4. Accessible via the T; we're not going to be able to get 15 people around by car. I'm based in Cambridge (Harvard Square), if that helps with orientation.

Many, many thanks for your help!

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  1. I haven't eaten at any of these yet (I plan to), but from what I've heard about them, they might do the trick: Sagra in Davis Sq., West Side Lounge outside Harvard Sq., or Gaslight in the South End.

    1. Over the year or so I have been to three fairly large dinners at local places: Fugakyu (great sushi restaurant near Coolidge Corner, moderately expensive but very good, and good value in my opinion); Brasserie Jo (good French-American bistro near the Prudential-reasonable, but not cheap, with good wine list) and Summer Shack (near Alewife - festive atmosphere - food quality varies as do prices).

      I would also once again sing the praises of Namaskar in Davis Square, which I believe could accomodate 15 without much problem. Prices are reasonable for the excellent quality Indian food they offer.

      And I would also suggest dim sum in Chinatown as a possibility, but would leave others to recommend the best place.

      1. Green Street in Central Square seems like an ideal place. They can accomodate big parties, have a good and reasonably priced wine list (even better cocktail list), and their are several seafood dishes on both sides of the menu.

        1. I'd go for Cambridge Common, we had a party there for close to 20 and everyone was happy and the tab was really reasonable (and that was with a healthy amount of drinks!)

          1. Grotto on Bowdoin St in Beacon Hill has accommodated groups that size for me and they have a very reasonable prix fixe. That being said, 15 people for this coming Saturday might be tough. You should start calling around ASAP!

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              Grotto and Green St. are good ideas. Beacon St. Bistro in Brookline has lots of room and is fun and has pretty good prices. Bouchee on Newbury St. might be able to do it altho not esp. reasonable. You could go for seafood at Peach Farm or some casual Chinatown place.