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Oct 21, 2007 08:29 PM

Best Pre and Post Marathon Restaurants?

My husband and I are running the Marine Corps Marathon next Sunday, and we're looking for a restaurant near the Ritz Carlton Pentagon for a pre-marathon dinner on Saturday night (preferably Italian) and a special occasion restaurant (located anywhere in the area, but not too far from the Reagan airport would be a plus) for a post-marathon dinner celebration on Sunday night. Any suggestions/recommendations? Thanks so much!

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  1. Because this is your first Chowhound post, it's difficult to know your food preferences, price points [special occasion > $100/pp ?] and what types of restaurants you've previously enjoyed.

    So, a good place to start is today's Washington Post. They had the Marine Corps Marathon as this week's Roadtrip map:

    I suggest Bebo [ ] as your Italian meal [better service at the bar] and I'd have recommended Restaurant Eve [ ]
    in Old Town Alexandria as your special occasion meal, BUT Restaurant Eve's closed on Sunday. Because Maestro is closed & 2941 [ ] just changed chefs, I'm at a loss for a Sunday evening special supper proximal to Reagan National Airport.

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      If CityZen is open on Suday that would be my pick. It is in the Mandrin Oriential and close to Reagan.

      1. re: Annapolis07

        Thanks so much for the suggestions! We're open to all kinds of food, and special occasion for us just means that price is not important. If we're not in great shape following the marathon on Sunday, do you have any recommendations for places that have great food but are a little more casual (not a price fix menu), in that area by the Pentageon/Reagan airport (although Cityzen looks great!)?

        1. re: chammond11

          For very causal Pentagon Row has a Lebanese Taverna that is pretty good, they have a ton of other restaurants there too, but I don't know what, exactly. Crystal City has a Jaleo.

    2. While it's not in Pentagon City (there isn't a whole lot there) it's a short cab or metro ride away (get off at Foggy Bottom and either walk to Georgetown or take the blue bus), my choice for carb loading prior to a marathon would certainly be Filomena in Georgetown. They have yummy, homemade pasta with huge servings so you certainly will fill up and might even have some leftovers. If you have a sweet tooth they also have delicious cheese cakes and other types of cakes.

      For a post-marathon celebratory dinner I would suggest Palena, Equinox, Restaurant Eve, or Citronelle. All of these restaurants are pretty pricey though and since you didn't comment on a price range for something more moderate that won't break the bank but still has that "I'm being taken care of after running my butt off" vibe I would go with Cashion's Eat Place, Zola, Acadiana, or Hook.

      Btw for the special occassion spots I would certainly recommend making reservations ASAP. (You might want to do the same for the pasta spots since a lot of people might be carb loading that night.)