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Oct 21, 2007 08:29 PM

Visiting SF 10/27 - 10/30

Hi, all

Coming to a conference and want to get a really good meal or two in. Been thinking about Chez Panisse (I've never been!), Greens, or Slanted Door. Will be staying in Union Square, so also looking for not-so-fancy fare in that 'hood as well. Last trip, I had a so-so meal at Nopa and a pretty good omakase at Sebo. Good omakase will also float my boat.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. You will be near Cortez (which is in Hotel Adagio), which is always good for a fun night out, IMO. And, they just got a Michelin star!

    Have an El Diablo if you're in the mood for an aperitif. Who knows what's on the menu, because it changes a lot, but I had a great squid and sweetbreads appetizer last time I was there. Also some amazing aged New York strip.

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      Cafe Claude ( is inexpensive and very good. Small place, small menu, and it has jazz.
      Ton Kiang ( fabulous dim sum and Chinese; also inexpensive.
      Quince ( Girlfriend took me there for my birthday last July. Had the tasting menu with wine pairings;$$$$$$$$$$$$, but best meal I'd had in my life. She concurred, which was saying something, since she's been all over the country and plenty of other countries. Can't say enough about it. Chef/Owner there had worked for Alice Waters at Chez Panisse.
      Both Chez and Slanted door are excellent. Holy crap! What a great food town!!! Enjoy!

    2. Another one nearby that I forgot - Dottie's True Blue cafe. Fantastic breakfasts. Great scrambles and fresh baked coffee cake. Watch out - there will be a line!

      Dottie's True Blue Cafe
      522 Jones St, San Francisco, CA 94102

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        I hit up Dottie's on my last trip - was perfect since I was travelling alone. Really good starch, that's for sure...and to watch him cook is like fricken' tai chi, for reals...

      2. Th ink about Coi in North Beach, It's an excellent meal, focusing primarily on fresh seasonal vegetables. Chez Panisse is a classic, but takes a little to get to in Berkley.

        1. I like Bacar, very good oysters, and their wine list is one of the best in the City, it is South of Market. Greens is very good, and I loooove the Slanted Door, def. worth it! If you want a great little tiny italan place in North Beach check out L'Osteria del Forno on Colombus. Charming, well priced, and very good.