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Oct 21, 2007 07:53 PM

Mushroom Pizza

I'm looking for a great slice of mushroom pizza in the LA area. I know there are plenty of fantastic pizza places, but I'm wondering if there is anyplace that their mushroom topping seems to really shine. Or for that matter, someplace where it's god-awful.

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  1. Abbot's

    Tony's Little Italy Pizza



    1. I love Pace's mushroom pizza aka Mystic pie -- (Laurel Canyon and Kirkwood area)

      1. The mixed mushroom pizza at Pizzeria Mozza is very good. If I recall correctly, it has chanterelle, porcini and oyster mushrooms (and maybe one other that I might be forgetting).

        1. Spark on Pico at Beverly

          its *really* a good Pizza (I don;t like any of their other food)

          1. Pizzicotto on San Vicente in Brentwood.