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Oct 21, 2007 05:58 PM

Court Jester- Freehold

Perhaps Im late to the party on this one, but I have to credit this place for a surprisingly refreshing beer selection on tap. Well done. Arrogant Bastard, lots of seasonals, Stone, Dogfish offerings a plenty.

I was not very impressed with the food given that my wife and I had only sandwiches - really wasnt expecting to be blown away. Is the fare here usually better or are there certain things anyone can suggest off the menu as I plan to be back again to enjoy the beers at least.

Ive been wanting to get here, but always kept being pulled like a magnet to the glow of El Meson.

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  1. the beer is good and you can also order a sampler. the food on the other hand, eh. the burger is ok but nothing great. too bad they can't sync up the food with the beverage selection.
    I like Fed's for pizza but they frown upon you ordering a pie and eating it over at the Jester's bar ;)

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    1. re: mbw1024

      That was one problem I had with the beer selection- the sampler ordering. I was stoked to see the sampler option but you have to choose from certain "groups of six". You cant run wild and choose six from the entire selection. That hurt a little bit. A couple quality seasonals are not worth having to put away a becks light.

      Funny you say that- exactly what I was thinking! I wanted to get a Fed's pie and bring it over. Maybe I can get a pitcher to go and bring it to the byob El Meson. That would be just as sweet.

      1. re: yankeefan

        I don't think I knew that about the sampler. Thought it was just a pick and choose kinda thing.

    2. monday night wing special is a great deal. maybe not the ultimate wings, but good nonetheless. great for football season and i think they have a wing eating contest every year. the food is o.k. still can't understand the hoopla with el meson, just don't get it. acapulqueno's on south street had better, more authentic mexican food. so does the place across from them up a few buildings, near the new steakhouse.

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      1. re: david12

        To each their own opinion, but I am infatuated with El Meson. Ive never, ever, had a bad dish there.

      2. What Dogfish Head beer do they have now? I've haven't been in for a month or so.

        I don't think your "late"- whenever I'm in there, it always seems I'm the only one ordering beer from the craft beer towers- everyone else is drinking Coors Light. That sort of thing always worries me (and I've had some beers that were definitely "off"- my luck's been good lately- especially with my favorite, HopDevil, but once my wife even had a very funky Yuengling Lager). There have been a number of bars in central NJ that tried to carry a good selection of draught craft beer without the customer base to support it (one in Jackson and another in Cream Ridge both come to mind), so, hopefully, word will get out and this place will continue to carry good beer. Oddly, on their website they copy the beer list for their other restaurant in Abeerdeen (which is a typical BMC+macro import) but make no mention of the excellent craft selection in Freehold.

        As for food, it's pretty typical of that sort of bar food. I kinda like their burger and the waffle fries. Haven't really had anything else.

        I agree with mbw1024 that it would be nice to be able to carry a pint of some good beer to one of Federici's outside tables. Maybe push two tables together, with your beer on CJ's, and your pie on Fed's and keep switching seats...

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        1. re: JessKidden

          Jess- it is nice to see an offering like this of beer, more of a surprise than anything else. They had the DFH 60 minute, at first I was blown away when I thought it was the 90 minute. Ive been relying on New Brunswick for beer selection (Harvest Moon/Stuff yer Face/Old Bay), glad to have another option for variety.

          Thanks all for the feedback on the food, guess I wasnt too off on the assessment.