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Oct 21, 2007 05:37 PM

What happended to New Philipps Bakery in Sacramento?

Drove by the other day and noticed it was vacant, what happened?

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  1. never heard of it...So that might tell ya something. where was it?

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      Midtown on Folsom Blvd apparently. The one review I found was very negative. I guess that's what happened.

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        It's been there since 1924 with two changes of ownership, the last being a relative of the original owner. Not exactly a fly by night bakery.

        I'll check with my sources who are more familiar with older businesses in East Sacramento. I guess the new owner that took over in 2003 couldn't make a go of it. Too bad, I always liked the place, it was a kind of an older style bakery that really added to the character of the neighborhood. I remember I used to buy freshly baked lady fingers there for Tiramisu.

        1. re: free sample addict aka Tracy L

          Loved that place. They had the best pot pies I've ever had..but you had to get there early on Thursday to get one. Too bad they closed. Wonder what is going in there? Lot's of stuff going on in that E. Sac neighborhood.

    2. I grew up in the area and have very fond memories of Phillips bakery cakes at every first holy communion celebration, graduation, baby shower .... My favorite was their pink champagne cake. I will see some of my aunties who live in the area this weekend and ask what happened. Sad.

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          Sigh--too bad. Thanks for link, I think I may have overlooked it during my original research.

        2. To All, NEW Philipp's Bakery went bankrupt in 2003. Philipp's Bakery opened in 1925 at the 3300 Folsom Blvd. location in 1925. It was run by Philipp Family members until 1982. Julius Philipp retired in 1982 and the business was bought and run by outside family members as New Philipp's Bakery. The ownership changed hands numerous times with product varying and changing with each owner. With the bankruptcy, it was the first time in 20 years that founding Philipp family had access to Name use and property use and decided to reopen the bakery in a partnership in March of 2004, with myself and my husband, grandson of the original owner buying out other family/partners in Sept 2004. I had a beautifully talented bakery staff and worked to rebuild a Sacramento landmark business. Put heart in soul in bring a new, fresh, clean, updated bakery product to our market place using the highest quality ingredients, baking with fresh seasonal products from local providers and growers. Within 3 years my market was growing and building with a newer vision of bakery trends. I am from the fashion design industry and brought that style, focus to my market place. I studied with the industry greatest cake makers and looked to build my business. The Philipp Family are the owners of the property, I was a tenant in a family owner piece of real estate...much needed repairs of the property were necessary and property owners were not willing to invest in updating the property. The cost of these updates proved to be a deal breaker and I had to make a very difficult decision and close a very special market to me and walk away from a business I had grown to love. To this day the property sits empty 18 months later. We each have our own palate of taste of likes, dislikes which is always respected by any food industry business. The industry is brutal due to its work load, demands and know that wherever you chose to eat on any given day enjoy it for the moment. I sold sweets, sugar and it is something to make people smile about! Enjoy! I loved my market, what I achieved in a very brief time period, the wonderful customers and children that I meet thru the medium of sugar. A very exciting craft! The bakery property is to be sold after being in the Philipp Family since 1925. Eat Cake and Love Every Bite!

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            My family grew up in East Sacramento. Weekly trips to Philips Bakery was almost a ritual for us. Our family would gather regularly at my grandmother's. My mother and aunties would make the short drive to pick up cookies, eclairs, tarts, schnittens (my favorite), and quiches. It was wonderful. It was apart of us. Sadly, when they closed, it only left me longing for more. Other bakeries can never compare. Still, after all these years....... I crave the taste of the delicate schnitten.

            If anyone knows the recipe, please share it. Or can you recommend another bakery? I can't even find it on the internet. :(

            1. re: Cwphilipp

              Thank you for the history and the sad facts about the closure. I am truly saddened every time I drive by.

            2. The recipes live! We can satisfy our cravings after all.

              I have been craving Philipp's Bakery pastries since they closed down. It was my favorite. My Aunt found a new bakery that is in the same league AND the owner used to work at Phillipp's Bakery! So if you are craving Philipp's check out but if you want a chocolate eclair with whip cream you have to request it because they make them with custard. To see their menu... click Cakes > View Menu and Pricing Information. I hope this helps everyone.

              Pastry Heaven Bakery
              8069 Madison Ave, Citrus Heights, CA 95610