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Oct 21, 2007 05:32 PM

Chicken and Beef Stock in a Tetra Box

I am looking for Glatt Kosher Chicken or Beef Stock in a Box.
I am currently using Veg Stock from a box or frozen stock from the local butcher.
Does this product exist?
I dont want parve powders or small cans of soup. I am looking for the bigger tetra type box.


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  1. Tabatchnick has kosher chicken soup in a box.

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      1. re: alyssa

        I have access to kosher products in Chicago, New York and Toronto.

        1. re: sig

          i've seen it at my local supermarkets here in NJ and I imagine it is in NY as well.

    1. Although Tabatchnik makes chicken soup in a box, it's not very good. I suggest making a large amount of chicken stock every once in a while and freezing it in quart size containers. I often use the Imagine vegetable stock, although I prefer to make fresh vegetable stock as well.