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Oct 21, 2007 05:23 PM

Whole Foods type store on the southern end of town?

Does anyone know of a Whole Foods type store in Daly City or around that area? Those of us who live on the southern end of the city as far as I know, have limited choices for shopping of that kind. Don't you think a Whole Foods or Trader Joe's would fit very nicely in the old Tower Market space in Stonestown? Perhaps there is a hidden gem somewhere I don't know of..

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  1. There is a Trader Joe's at Westlake in Daly City.

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    1. re: Windy

      [er this should have been a reply to tigersmom, not windy ... fat finger]

      i usually hate it when people beg the question, but ...

      you know the Pot Hill Whole Foods is super close to the Vermont Street 101 exit.
      i realize there is often slow traffic between the 280-101 merge and vermont, but
      it's not that bad for much of the day.

      also it's quite quick to the strore from the 280 which is generally free flowing.

      and in addition to being near the freeways, parking is mostly a non issue around
      the store [lots of easy to find unmetered spots].

      i live in pot hill and do the reverse drive to the KUKUJE KOREAN MKT in daly city all
      the time and it is really fast [although i wish daly city had sane access to the freeway
      on ramps].

      ok tnx.

      p.s. i'm genuinely suprised how many people say "a TJs or WF" ... they dont seem
      at all substitutes to me. maybe they have a comparable selection of fruit juices but
      not sure where they are comparable beyond that ... WF: produce section, high end
      cheej, big meat counter, prepared food bar etc.

      [BTW, I'm not suggesting WF > TJ. I dont have a position on that. I just think they are

      1. re: psb

        i've been wondering this for some you know if one can walk safely (and legally, as in there being a crosswalk of some sort) from the daly city bart station to the kukje market? the freeway flying by junipero serra seems intimidating, and i don't have a car. i can't always rely on the kindness of friends with cars, either, and i'm hesitant to walk down there on my own. if i did, and found that there is no safe way to cross over on foot, i would be so disappointed. i guess i could console myself with a movie, and my appreciation of woori market at fillmore and geary.

        1. re: augustiner

          >do you know if one can walk safely (and legally, as in there being a
          >crosswalk of some sort) from the daly city bart station to the kukje market?
          i would personally not hesitate to do so.
          it might not be a good idea if you are 103yrs old, but it's not like
          you have to play frogger crossing 280. 280 has a sunken path through
          that area and many street cross over it.

          i suppose you could take BART to 19th street in oakland and walk
          to the Koreana Plaza [5-6 blocks?].

          >appreciation of woori market at fillmore and geary.
          i finally went by that place. in the spirit of my TJ vs WF comment
          above, i dont think Woori Mkt is comparable to Kukje or Koreana
          [i'm not comparing quality etc. the place on fillmore if about the
          size of a corner market, while the other two are the size of small

      2. re: Windy

        There's also a Trader Joe near Costco in Colma. Not too far off and their parking lot is so much easier to deal with than the one in Westlake.

        I also live in the Daly City area and for high end stuff I either go to SOMA Whole Foods, or drive to Tower Market in Twin Peaks.

      3. There's a really nice market in Glen Park about a block away from the BART station called Canyon Market. It's on Diamond and is comparable in size and quality to Falletti Foods. Not sure if that's close to where you're looking for or not.

        1. There are both Trader Joe's and Whole Foods Markets within 10 miles of Daly City. Both the Potrero Whole Foods Market at 450 Rhode Island and the SOMA Whole Foods Market at 399 4th St. are less than 10 miles from Daly City and Trader Joe's has stores in Daly City (Westlake,) South City (next to Costco just off El Camino,) and in SOMA (on 9th St.)