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Looking for kid-friendly near Bloor Intercontinental

Hi. Long time reader of the Ontario/Toronto RSS feed. I did a search, but found no results that really helped me.

I'm planning a weekend in Toronto, staying at the Intercontinental near the ROM on Bloor. I will have two toddlers with me, and I'm looking for specific restaurants that are kid friendly, cheap and interesting for the parents.

Noodles would be ideal. Korean, Japanese, really any interesting food. This would be for lunches and dinners. How are the restaurant(s?) in the ROM for lunch?

Thanks. Looking forward to responses, and looking forward to the trip.

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  1. just a few doors west on Bloor is Pho Hung (upstairs) -- good for Pho and Bun (avg 10-12/pp)

    a bit further west (S/W corner of Bloor & Spadina) is Greg's Ice Cream -- get the roasted marshmellow ice cream . . . sooooo good

    Korean -- koreatown is a few TTC stops west at Christie. If you want to walk, reasonable choices can be found on Yonge, just South of Wellesley -- YummyBBQ - avg meal under $8. Or, if your kids are old enough to enjoy Korean BBQ, go to GrillTime on Yonge, just north of College. If you go for lunch on M/T, it's really cheap (around $7 for AYCE).

    1. You've got some great recs already... agree that Pho Hung is the first thing that came to mind... extremely convenient, and the food is good. Trip to Korean-town is good counsel too. Greg's is great.

      - Ethiopia House on Irwin might be interesting... or it might just be too weird for the kids
      - Duke of York or the Bedford Academy, both on Prince Arthur, are very close. Neither are upscale or gourmet, but if you wanted some chicken fingers for the kids and a decent pint for the adults, you could easily get by.
      - Fresh at Bloor and Spadina is good veggie fare.
      - New York Deli at Bay and Bloor is good for quick and dirty deli lunch (or dinner).
      - I have a friend whose son loves Yamato in Yorkville... he thinks teppanyaki is totally entertaining (although he's slightly older than toddling)

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        ooo teppanyaki, I've been meaning to take the kids to a teppanyaki place. They'd be quite into it.

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          I think Ethiopian house is known for very slow service (I could be wrong). *My* toddler doesn't really wait for her dinner ;)

        2. There is a family friendly place to eat in the ROM with decent food -

          You might find this thread about kid-friendly places helpful -

          I second the Duke of York -- friendly staff and some kid-friendly menu choices. I used to take my daughter for lunch there after piano lessons at the RCM every Saturday.

          If you're planning to wander a bit farther, King's Noodle House as mentioned in the above thread is good and affordable.

          There's also Mother's Dumplings - http://www.mothersdumplings.com/


          Duke Of York
          39 Prince Arthur Ave, Toronto, ON M5R 1B2, CA

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            some more links -

            Mother's Dumplings
            421 Spadina Avenue, Toronto, ON , CA

            King's Noodle House
            296 Spadina Ave, Toronto, ON M5T, CA

          2. btw, let us know where you end up and how it goes, as feedback to our recs is helpful. thanks.

            1. Just thought of another one - within walking distance but about one or two subway stops away to the west is By The Way Cafe in the Annex area, nice warm casual ambience, family-friendly but good wine and beer list, good food.

              By The Way
              400 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON M5S1X5, CA

              1. I highly recommend Country Style restaurant on Bloor, a few blocks west of Spadina. Hungarian food like schnitzel, dumplings etc. Very tasty, large portions and easy on the pocketbook. Family-style restaurant.
                BTW I'd skip the Duke of York simply because I don't feel comfortable recommending a pub for little ones (not that you'd be serving them beer)

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                  Now that bars in Toronto are 100% non-smoking, what's the downside of taking kids to a pub? Are they going to turn into raging alcoholics just by watching grown-ups hoist a pint or two?

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                    If you don't feel comfortable making a recommendation, then don't. I have always found the Duke to be family-friendly, they even have booster seats for the little ones. The servers are super friendly to kids. The dining area upstairs by the fireplace or at the back in the conservatory is comfortable and casual. The kids I've taken or seen there enjoy the chicken fingers, aussie fries (cheese and bacon bits on fries with a side of ranch dip), fish n chips, etc.

                    btw, Country Style serves alcohol.

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                      for what it's worth, I'd take my kids to a pub, and thanks for the Duke recommendation.

                      How else would they get healthy attitudes towards alcohol? and a 5pm supper on a sunday won't have a lot of drunks.

                  2. I like the Coffee Mill (99 Yorkville Avenue, (416) 920-2108). Less than 5 mins walk from Hotel Intercontinental. Serves nice Hungarian food, and the waitresses adore children. But you might have to make reservations for weekends, which may turn you off.

                    1. i've heard GREAT THINGS about cafe nervosa in Yorkville. intersection of Belair and Yorkville if i recall

                      1. Toni Bulloni's on Cumberland is a typical italian place with reasonable prices and very kid-friendly attitude.

                        If you want to go a bit upmarket, Jamie Kennedy at the Gardiner museum will do a few kids items on request.