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Oct 21, 2007 05:17 PM

Next Iron Chef episode 3 - 10/21/07- Resourcefulness

I know it hasn't aired yet, but I'm just trying to start a trend of episode-focused Next Iron Chef threads like we had with Top Chef.

So as to not completely waste first post:

We know the cheftestants will be narrowed down to a final four tonight. Besh, Cosentino, and Symon are almost a sure thing. Besh and Cosentino have both won battles, and the judges made it clear that cumulative performance is important. Symon doesn't have any wins, but he has impressed me the most among the remaining chefs. Sanchez could take the fourth spot if he doesn't screw up the timing again. Kaysen will most likely go home tonight.

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  1. i think you're a mind reader... :) i thought it was an okay episode. missed the beginning and i thought it was annoying they were basically done cooking by 9:30. i SO want to eat michael's food. but i always loved his restaurants when i lived in cleveland(why i was late was because the indians keep dragging out the heartbreaking and i forgot what time it was for a second). should get interesting from here i hope - fewer chefs so more time to focus on the actual cooking. let's cross our fingers.

    1. I finished watching it not too long ago. I am so happy that Symon and Besh are still in it. Cosentino, not so much, only because I'm not so impressed with him just yet, but he's absolutely better than Sanchez. Sanchez just seems to have a terrible attitude about the whole thing. Granted, I'm sure a large portion of it is editing, but still, he just seems like a spoiled brat. He's always mad about something. I hate that Kaysen left, but since he is so very young, he is going to only grow from here. I think in a couple of years, he's going to be a force to be reckoned with. All in all, good show!!

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        i, too, was really sorry to see kaysen go. i SO wish it had been sanchez instead. i did take perverse pleasure in watching the judges tell him that the only reason he survived was because another chef - whose food was better - had made a seasoning error. i just don't think sanchez deserved to stay, and i don't see him as an IC.

        morou seems like a genuinely good-hearted guy and a talented chef, but i'm not sure he's got the right personality or the "edge" to be an IC so i wasn't surprised to see him go. still, i'd eat his food any day!

        i think we're all pretty much agreed that either besh or symon will - and should - be TNIC.

      2. Just saw the show here...nothing happened to change my mind with John Besh and Michael Symon as the two favorites. Aaron Sanchez and Chris Cosentino have the skills but the pressure definitely removes any layers of camera-friendly charm they have on. The preview though has me worried that they're gonna copy the "airline food" challenge from Top Chef...

        1. They finished the cooking with like 20 minutes much fluff time at "judges table".

          are they doing the airplane meal challenge next? hah.

          1. I thought this episode was better, more time with each chef, more time hearing what the judges thought.
            Can they copy Top Chef any more? Cooking outside on a grill, next week doing an airline challenge? It's fine, I still like the show.

            It seemed to me that the expected decisions were made. Kaysen erred with underseasoning and wasn't that original, so he was out. Plus the bitter salad had all the judges making a face like a pigeon had just dropped a bomb on them. EDIT: Just read Ruhlman's blog, he says that Kaysen's food got dunked in water between completion and serving, but he didn't offer any excuses. Too bad!

            Between Morou and Sanchez, I got the impression that Ruhlman liked Sanchez (I thought skewered escargot was a great, original idea, so without tasting the food I was agreeing) and the other guy really liked Morou...Ruhlman won out because I guess Donatella ended up agreeing with him. I am sure Morou's food is really good but I don't think the decision was wrong. EDIT: after reading Ruhlman's blog, I really don't like Knowlton and how he had it in for Sanchez. Cirticizing for staying in his "Latin" comfort zone is very irritating. Sanchez cooks from a wide range of Latin can be argued, and I will argue, that Peruvian and Oaxacan Mexican, for example, are as different from each other as French and Italian. Would any chef be criticized as being "too limited" if they cooked "only" using flavors and techniques from all over Western Europe?

            I loved how Symon won, with the drink and the polenta. Besh was thoroughly impressive but he really got a break by getting rabbit. But doing it three ways including fried was fantastic. He is absolutely the one to beat, I will be pretty shocked if he doesn't win this thing.

            Another surprise from Ruhlman's blog: He refers to "the four judges"...apparently Alton actually contributes to the decisions. He is definitely NOT presented as a voting judge on the show, he seems to be summarizing the other three judges' comments.