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OC Bakeries

With the recent discussion pro and con of LA bakeries I am wondering what might be the best in OC?

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  1. Bump....any suggestions?

    1. Blackmarket Bakery or Poul's Bakery are my usual destinations.

      1. I really like Heidelberg Pastry Shop in Laguna Niguel. They make delicious cakes and their blueberry muffins are wonderful.


        1. Katella Deli


          Black and White Cookies (soft and lemonish)

          Any special order birthday cake (love chocolate w/ whipped cream frosting)

          Chinese Cookies (soft almond cookie w/ blob of chocolate frosting)

          Cheesecake (light fluffy style)


          Cherry Angel Food Cake

          Katella Deli-Restaurant
          4470 Katella Ave, Los Alamitos, CA 90720

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            Katella Deli also has a delicous and gorgeous chocolate cake with rasberry frosting and a chocolate lattice work across the top - my daughter's favorite cake, and bags of bread heels for those who love the fat, crusty heels of loaves. It's usually their rye, but sometimes they have mixed bags.

          2. Are you looking for more of a cookies and cake bakery, a patisserie style or a bread & baguette type of bakery? I don't think there is one bakery in OC that does all three very well.

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              Some of each would fill the report, don't you think? Seems a needed report.
              For me, patisserie AND cakes....and whatever else they might excell at!

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                I get bread from Cortina's... it's fantastic.

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                  Cafe Blanc for patisserie - in on 17th St. in Costa Mesa. I like this place because they are not overly sweet.

                  French's Cupcake Bakery as on 17th St. in Costa Mesa. Great place for cookies and cakes.

                  C'est Si Bon in Newport Beach is known for their baguettes and supply a bunch of restaurants in the area. They are a bit heavier then one might like.

              2. I really like Cream Pan in Tustin. They have great rolls and bread as well as chocolate croissants. They are a Japanese bakery so you will also find many Japanese pastries and sandwiches as well

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                  I forgot about that place. I went there last Thursday for lunch. I had the most wonderful little egg salad sandwich & tuna fish sandwich made with their tasty bread. I have also had a beef curry type pastry. I highly recommend this place for a Japanese style bakery.

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                    I adore Cream Pan -- they make cakes to order but I've never ordered one. I like the sandwiches and the strawberry croissant is to die for.

                    I just tried a place in Irvine called the Layer Cake Bakery -- it's a sister operation and they make everything from scratch. The red velvet cake I had was quite delicious. Worth a visit.

                    Cream Pan
                    602 El Camino Real, Tustin, CA 92780

                  2. The three bakeries that I've found through the web recently are:

                    Cream Pan in Tustin - great for their croissants (fresh strawberries with custard and their ham/gruyere cheese), they have a limited choice of special order cakes but haven't tried them, yet.

                    Blackmarket Bakery in Irvine - hard to find, but we went to their Open House today. All the desserts we sampled were yummy and light - we bought home the red velvet cake and a cake with fresh berries, but after the Open House, we might want to til tomorrow. I'm desserted out!!! I had also ordered a corporate gift of cookies, which was couriered - the recipient loved them. I'll probably order my husband's birthday cake from them - very creative looking cakes (e.g., a stove, a tea set, etc.).

                    Layer Cake in Irvine - we had two slices of cake from this bakery - red velvet and the hazelnut. Both were good. The great part is that you can order a slice of all their cakes - there was about a dozen different ones.

                    Thank goodness for some of these newer places - getting sick of French's and the not-so-good Sprinkles cupcakes. These places seem to have more soul.

                    Also, we saw the Wonderland Bakery at South Coast - is this place an overpriced toy store or a bakery?! The baked goods looked gross - like it was fake, as with the rest of the merchandise. I say 'overpriced' because I saw these cute ceramic plaques that would be great for gifts - they were $25, which was ridiculous. I then saw the same ones at Macy's Home for $15.

                    Finally, on the note of cupcakes, I read somewhere that there is a Dean & Deluca and Susie's (known for cupcakes??) opening at Fashion Island next year. More choices for us!!!

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                      Blackmarket Bakery have a stand in the centre of the Irvine CFM on Saturday mornings. Browse at your peril -- it's the most calorically-dense stand in the entire market.

                    2. we've had success with cakes from rockwell's bakery in villa park.